The Children of Ash and Elm: A History of the Vikings

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The Children of Ash and Elm: A History of the Vikings

The Children of Ash and Elm: A History of the Vikings

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In seeking the deeper origins of the Viking age, he deftly connects different times and places all the way back to the fall of the western Roman empire. I was delighted to have the maps to help me interpret the movements and stations of Norse cultural expansion. This fascinating part of European history is particularly interesting, and reveals much about human interaction, philosophy and so much more.

When properly recited in appropriate surroundings, Viking-Age poetry can taste like cold iron on the tongue, its complex rhyme schemes building upon one another like layers of frost-treacherous and beautiful. This book provided a comprehensive and detailed account of Viking history that was both informative and engaging. His vivid prose illuminates both the physical and the psychological dimensions of the early medieval north, while at the same time leaving space for uncertainty: the possibility of future discoveries and theories that will alter the picture yet again. These are based not just on past scholarship but also on the many recent finds, new ways of interpreting them, and on the very many discussions within and outside of academia. Royal Armouries Trading and Enterprises Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 07374477 and VAT number 108 2359 28.Well written, informational without being dry (for the most part, I will admit my eyes glazed at some of the battle history during the raiding chapters), and captivating. It is evident from the tone and tenor of his writing that his primary interest is in making you aware of the facts; he doesn't make the same amount of effort with the storytelling aspects of his writing. De schrijver doet duidelijk veel moeite om zijn werk zo toegankelijk mogelijk te maken, zonder in te boeten op kwaliteit: er zijn verschillende foto’s toegevoegd, alsook een aantal pagina’s in kleurendruk, en daarnaast zijn er verschillende Vikingroddels en allerhande verhalen in opgenomen (legendes, vertalingen van Runen uit het dagelijkse leven, …), wat de geschiedenis concreter en dichterbij brengt. I originally requested this book because I recently finished watching 3 seasons of the hit TV-show “Vikings” and was very intrigued by their culture and way of life and wanted to learn about their history. There's a really great look at a massive burial site found off the coast of Estonia as recently as 2012.

He explores how they might have understood the qualities of personhood, the intricacies of gender and the cosmos as a whole, including religious beliefs and practices. Ik las dit boek deels in Denemarken, waarbij we ook regelmatig Vikinguitstapjes maakten, en het was dan wel fijn om ook over deze plaatsen in dit boek te lezen. This is an incredible book, and I chose to listen to it in audiobook format, which was an outstanding choice.This is a book for those who want to understand more than the sailing and raiding aspect of this culture. Yet others are testament to the remarkable coincidences and connections that make up history: two fragments of silk from two women’s hair caps, one discovered in York, the other in Lincoln, which thanks to a fault in the weave can be traced to the same bale of Persian (or perhaps Chinese) silk. If the item is faulty or you have been sent the wrong item then the postage cost will be incurred by the Royal Armouries.

The emphasis here is very firmly on who the Vikings really were, what made them tick, how they thought and felt. I have always been amazed at how much an archaeological situation can tell us, for example, a Vikings burial holds the tales of a saga. In the beginning there had been nothing but the void of Ginnungagap, an infinite emptiness—yet not quite empty, for deep within it lay a sleeping potential, a power and presence inside the absence, waiting to be awakened. Hun omgang met de natuur, de Goden en elkaar is zoveel meer sophisticated dan je zou denken, voor ons in contradictie met het onderlinge geweld en de slaven die als menselijke offer gebracht worden. This effected the Vikings perceptions of self and place, putting them firmly in a world populated by gnomes and dwarves, elves and Valkyrie.This was a fascinating and wholly engaging book, and an easy recommendation for those looking for a modern history book on the Vikings focusing on how they lived, and why they engaged with the world as they did. The reason why is largely unknown, although numerous theories abound, including unrest due to warring polities and the slow centralization of political power on mainland Scandinavia, a lack of eligible brides for the average warrior, environmental impacts from a warming period, and so forth.

Too many people want to misrepresent history for their own ends and sadly the Vikings can be used by those with their own agendas.This is a very comprehensive walk through the archeological evidence and giving sensible theories on what that means. Known today for a stereotype of maritime violence, the Vikings exported new ideas, technologies, beliefs, and practices to the lands they discovered and the peoples they encountered, and in the process were themselves changed.

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