Stonemaier Games | Libertalia: Winds of Galecrest | Board Game | Ages 14+ | 1-6 Players | 45-60 Minutes Playing Time

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Stonemaier Games | Libertalia: Winds of Galecrest | Board Game | Ages 14+ | 1-6 Players | 45-60 Minutes Playing Time

Stonemaier Games | Libertalia: Winds of Galecrest | Board Game | Ages 14+ | 1-6 Players | 45-60 Minutes Playing Time

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It is undoubtedly the case that once you have internalised the flowchart and how the Automa prioritises the loot tokens, playing Libertalia: Winds of Galecrest solo becomes a smooth experience in terms of upkeep, as the turns of the automated opponents take little to no time to execute thus keeping the flow of the game snappy.

That variety is super evident in the shear number of character cards – each with its unique abilities. For me, Libertalia is absolutely worth owning for many reasons (as it appeals to my tabletop preferences) and this Automa only adds value to the whole package. My ratings are higher for the multiplayer game as something I love about Libertalia is the player interaction and conflict created, which naturally there is less of in a solo mode. Finally night actions are activated, these may be found on recruited characters on each player’s ship in front of them.The stormy side of the Amulet tokens grants money for each reputation to the right of yours, for example.

This includes setting out loot tokens, gaining doubloons based on their location on the reputation track, and adding more character cards to their hands. Ten years later, we celebrated the foundations of the original design with a revised and expanded edition that includes all-new art, 40 characters per player, a reputation system to resolve tiebreakers, deluxe loot tokens, a robust solo mode, and much more. Maybe it was meant to prevent kingmaking or dogpiling, but it just felt like my agency was being taken away for arbitrary reasons. It will be published in a number of languages from the following partners: Grok, Feuerland, Matagot, Phalanx, Ghenos, DeltaVision, Maldito, ALBI, 999 Games, and Surfin’ Meeple. I also love the artwork, I know it’s been polarising compared with the original 2012 edition, but I think the character cards shine and it has a very clear and cute aesthetic.

It presents you with just a handful of decisions to make, but each one carries a massive amount of weight for you to strategize over. It’s double-sided, printed with player aids and everything is laid out in a neat and effective manner to help facilitate the gameplay. Then there’s the Automa/Pilferer deck, where you reveal six cards from the deck and you take the matching six cards from your hand (like in a regular game). However, before you crack open the case of rum you must first outwit both the Pilferer and the Automa!

One person shuffles their deck and draws six cards, the other players find the exact same cards in their decks and setup is complete and very quick. Four and five felt like they held closest to the game’s spirit, and I imagine three and six would feel similar. The reputation track has replaced the tiebreaker mechanism and adds an interesting bonus as the rounds go on. Starting from left to right, the characters chosen will activate a daytime power, should they have them.There’s pushing and shoving, trying to be first in the line so that you can be the first to take your daytime action, especially if you have a card that affects the loot available. No, your real opponent is the eponymous Automa who much like yourself will amass a crew, collect doubloons, and generally mess with the best-laid plans of mice and men. There’s a big bag of chunky plastic loot tiles to draw from, similar to those in Azul, which slide and clack in a most satisfying manner as you rummage around amongst them. Also—and this is important—I promise not to make a single pirate joke over the course of this review. I had a rare opportunity to take this game round to some non-board gaming friends to see how it faired.

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