Modern Poker Theory: Building an unbeatable strategy based on GTO principles

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Modern Poker Theory: Building an unbeatable strategy based on GTO principles

Modern Poker Theory: Building an unbeatable strategy based on GTO principles

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All the best players in the world think about situations in terms of ranges and combos, not individual hands.

I'm going by memory, but I think there's a table in the book where the only time the author says to make this play is when the all-in player is in the small blind and the hero is in the big blind.

In No-Limit Texas Hold'em, GTO has become increasingly more popular in the last 10 years and the majority of professional poker players have adjusted their playstyles to be as close to GTO as possible. Semi-Bluff: A bet or raise made with a hand that has a decent chance of improving on a later betting round with the intention of making a better hand fold on the current betting round. First, if you are averse to math or think it isn’t necessary to play good poker, you are both right and wrong.

Relative Position: A player has positional advantage over another player when he gets to act after him throughout the hand. ATo, A9s-A2s, KQo, KJo, 88-66, KJs, KTs, QJs, QTs, JTs, T9s, 98s (Hand Range 3), are all medium strength hands that this particular Villain may not consider good enough to raise but may be good enough to see a cheap flop. No, I am not getting anything for saying this but trust me and you can reply to this message if you think after reading it, that your game didn’t improve at all. In other words, if you play a true GTO strategy there’s no possible way for your opponents to get an edge on you.Start by asking which hands are consistent with Villain’s actions, and then add those to the range one by one. Some play to have fun and socialize, others play for the thrill of running a big bluff or outthinking their opponents, and others play for the glory of winning a tournament, a bracelet, or making a living. GTO is one of the most commonly used poker terms in general and it stands for “Game Theory Optimal”. Slow Play or Trap: To play a premium holding in a passive manner, hoping to induce a valuebet from an inferior hand or a bluff.

J♣T♣ is the nuts on 9♥8♥7♦ but is no longer the nuts if the turn brings another heart, 9, 8, or 7 because stronger hands than a straight are then possible. Hand Range When players first start learning to play the game of poker, the first thing they simply must master is understanding hand values and, as a result, a beginner player only thinks about his own hand’s strength. The biggest reason why most people do not maximize their winnings versus the recreational poker players is because they simply aren't involved in enough pots against them. You look at the EV across as many boards as you want to run (obviously the more you run, the more accurate results you get) you then run the same simulations without the option to Cbet the flop and look at the EV again. When you are using this isolation raise strategy, it is also vital that you get position on the recreational players.You have to remain patient because when you do finally play a big pot against them, you are much more likely to go to showdown. This became an instant modern classic and many players regarded it as the greatest poker book ever written.

For example, in the common situation of BB vs BN, BN gets to act last on each street for the rest of the hand, so BN is IP and conversely BB is OOP. However, you must fully understand a few of the formulas because they will ensure you become proficient at many of the most important concepts in poker. If we take into account that you are probably playing in much weaker games you should be making money even without applying a GTO strategy.Martin introduced me to the rest of his poker crew and eventually I started traveling with them, playing the live poker circuit and meeting a lot of new and interesting people from all around the world.

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