Buff Merino Wool Multi Functional Headwear

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Buff Merino Wool Multi Functional Headwear

Buff Merino Wool Multi Functional Headwear

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Eco Friendly. It's been produced with renewable resources following a respectful animal process, minimizing the effect in the ecosystem. This is a mulesing free product Somehow wet merino doesn't ever feel clammy yet still manages to cool the skin...I can't explain it, but it works. I've also found that the material breathes even easier when wet, so on a hot day, you'll see me repeatedly dunking it over the side of my kayak. Buffs eventually became all the rage amongst paddlers and fishermen. But as most of us unfortunately know all too well these days, face coverings of synthetic or cotton material can be hot, uncomfortable, and make it hard to breathe. I certainly didn't tolerate my cotton Buff very well...especially in the places where I needed it most...the hot and humid tropics. Three merino Buff samplings, amply sized for full coverage. . The newest addition is 2 inches longer than the others...or perhaps the old ones have shrunk a bit.

The Merino Wool Hat BUFF is an ideal product for people who look for a comfortable and natural fibre hat, made of Merino wool to practice low-medium intensity outdoor activities like trekking, hiking or climbing.


The merino provides a surprising amount of warmth to weight, works just as well at keeping you warm when wet and has all the usual benefits of merino you would expect. The thin material feels a bit flimsy but don't be fooled, it works perfectly at keeping you warm. Construction, Durability & Conditions: I have used three merino Buffs over 10 years. I have never experienced a seam coming apart or any other defects. The material does wear thin after repeated washings and excessive sun exposure. Just to give you an idea about longevity and durability, I wore my second merino Buff (grey) for the entire Te Araroa Trail (2000 miles), Pacific Crest Trail (2700 miles), a part of the Continental Divide Trail (700 miles), and many day hikes before finally retiring it. In the times of COVID, I thought it apt to review a product that has been an essential part of my kit long before face coverings ever became a ( controversial) subject. It's my hope that this review sheds some light (pun intended) on other objectives for outdoor face coverings. I cover my face (and many other parts) to keep the sun off...why else would I look so silly? Recently, a stranger confronted a friend of mine about wearing a Buff over her face during a hike. Like me, she was wearing it for sun protection, minding her own business, and definitely not deserving of an interrogation from a random guy with an agenda. Hearing about this really upset me. Aside from issues of misogyny and intolerance that women sometimes face in outdoor spaces, this event was irrationally and politically motivated. So I'd just like to ask that people reflect on all the various reasons someone could have for covering their face and don't pass judgement.

Ah, you must be it! Pardon my digression into random animal pettings...a theme from my travels, but relevant since I'm wearing my merino Buff in all the pictures! Function, Adaptability & Ease of Use: Let's start with one the most pertinent features of a Buff. How can a simple tube of fabric be so useful? Buff does a great job of marketing their product by depicting all the ways you can wear one, making multi-use fanatics swoon. But seriously...a Pirate configuration? I'm a sailor and that's a stretch, even for me. Nice try Buff. Perhaps most poignantly, my father died from stage 4 Melanoma cancer this year. In his memory and in the hopes that I don't suffer the same fate, I cover my face outside as much as I can.I bought my Buff in May and have carried it most days since. It allows perspiration to pass freely and eradicates chills. Love it. Bought a heavier one for winter and a pastel coloured example for my wife. Most days, since May, for two or three hours at a time, walking in rural Scotland. Used mainly as a scarf, a couple of times as an under-hat bonnet/ear warmer, a few times as a headband, and once, to remove a kettle from my Optimus stove (when I mislaid my handkerchief). Warmth & Layering: A merino Buff is perfect for layering. It can slide over hats and beenies and also under hoods. It's way more practical than a scarf in this regard. A little trivia, bufanda means scarf in Spanish, which is how the name Buff was derived.

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