Seven Waves Away ( Abandon Ship (Seven Seas Away) ) ( Seven Days from Now (7 Waves Away) )

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Seven Waves Away ( Abandon Ship (Seven Seas Away) ) ( Seven Days from Now (7 Waves Away) )

Seven Waves Away ( Abandon Ship (Seven Seas Away) ) ( Seven Days from Now (7 Waves Away) )

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SPOILERS***What's so sad and depressing about the ending is that none of the survivors with the exception of the ship's nurse Julie White, Mai Zettering, and one of it's passengers Edith Middleton, Moira Lister, who's husband was one of those who ended up under the waves, were willing to vouch or stand up for the man who was most responsible in saving their lives: Alec Holmes! Storm Fear *** (1955, Cornel Wilde, Dan Duryea, Jean Wallace, Lee Grant, Steven Hill) – Classic Movie Review 3,546 | Derek Winnert on Maracaibo ** (1958, Cornel Wilde, Jean Wallace, Abbe Lane, Francis Lederer, Michael Landon, Joe E Ross) – Classic Movie Review 12,726 Maracaibo ** (1958, Cornel Wilde, Jean Wallace, Abbe Lane, Francis Lederer, Michael Landon, Joe E Ross) – Classic Movie Review 12,726 26 Nov 2023 Best performance in the film is that of Moira Lister who's a society woman and a swimmer. She's just full of cutting remarks about the 'brave captain'. Filmed in England (released in England as Seven Waves Away), and almost totally set in a lifeboat adrift in the south Atlantic. Writer-director Richard Sale (“The Girl Next Door”/”Let’s make it Legal”/”Gentlemen Marry Brunettes”) starts out with a gripping disaster adventure story at sea that soon becomes too bleak to be enjoyable, as it remains static and claustrophobic as a sea captain is faced with making life and death decisions. The idea behind the story is better than its execution, as it becomes a provocative thinking man’s film that is unfortunately overwrought in its survival of the fittest morality tale. It was remade as a TV movie The Last Survivors (1975).

I suspect the movie is correct in suggesting that under normal circumstances people identify with the more idealistic equality standard. But in severe conditions, we're likely drawn in a more pragmatic utilitarian direction. Nonetheless, the two really do clash at a fairly basic level. Whatever one's opinion on these matters, the film dramatizes the academic issues pretty effectively. The theme of survival and man's wanting to live desperately? The people in the lifeboat, the people hanging on? The significance of life? The overwhelming fear? Motivations, greed, selfishness? criteria for people who were to die? His motives? The effect of these decisions on himself, on the various people? How well did the film offer pros and cons for his decision? Did some people have to die? Beyond the Walls [Hors les murs] **** (2012, Matila Malliarakis, Guillaume Gouix, David Salles) – Classic Movie Review 12,724 21 Nov 2023

True, there are a few stereotypes among the raft's passengers, but the drama becomes real and forceful due to the strong performances from an excellent cast. MAI ZETTERLING is fine as a nurse with a romantic relationship to Executive Officer Power and STEPHEN BOYD and LLOYD NOLAN are fine as other ship officers caught up in unusual circumstances surrounding their survival at sea. How interesting was the cross-section of people, the varying types, good and bad, selfish and selfless? Crew and passengers, men and women? It was released by Columbia Pictures on 3 December 1957 (London) and 17 April 1957 (New York City). Richard Sale adapts the script from his 1938 short story Seven Waves Away, originally published by Scribner’s Magazine, with a similar plot to the real-life sinking of the American ship William Brown in 1841. Based upon an alleged true story, this is the story of the accidental explosion of a cruise ship heading to Europe from New York due to a floating mine. Tyrone Power is the surviving highest officer of the ship who manages to make it aboard the captain's boat before the captain passes away. The boat only fits nine, with an absolute maximum of twelve, so with twenty on it or hanging on to the side, the debate begins from the very beginning of how power will guide the boat to land. Needless to say, the decision of who will be forced to leave the boat is not an easy one, and when I see storm strikes, it becomes a necessary decision to only a the strongest and leave the ailing to God.

Where Are You Going, Habibi? [Wo willst du hin, Habibi?] *** (2015, Cem Alkan, Martin Walde, Tuncay Gary) – Classic Movie Review 12,725 22 Nov 2023 Jacqueline T. Lynch, author of Ann Blyth: Actress. Singer.Star., says: "A prime example of a classic film fan taking the reins to produce a scholarly study of a neglected figure from the Golden Age of classic films in a way that I feel is refreshing, infinitely helpful to fans and students of old movies." Full review. Director Richard Sale’s 1957 British adventure film Seven Waves Away [Abandon Ship!] is a well-made, powerful and involving drama with solid acting by Tyrone Power, Mai Zetterling, Lloyd Nolan, Stephen Boyd and many others, carefully controlled direction, and a crafted script with a bravely downbeat tone and many gripping scenes. The story is simply this: a lifeboat is too overcrowded to survive a coming storm and the senior officer must decide unilaterally who to jettison overboard so the rest can have a chance to live. A simple problem with a simple solution - sort of.Based on events following the loss of the William Brown which departed Liverpool, England on March 13, 1841 for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with 65 passengers and 17 crew, and sank about 250 miles off Newfoundland after colliding with an iceberg on the night of April 19. (The Titanic sank about 300 miles off Newfoundland after colliding with an iceberg on the night of April 15 - 71 years later.) But, it's well to keep in mind that a Utilitarian standard is used all the time when making life-and-death decisions in wartime. So-called "collateral damage", for example, amounts to a rough utilitarian calculus applied during bombing campaigns where civilian casualties are inevitable. What's so unnerving in the movie is that unlike bombing campaigns we can put names and faces on those sacrificed, which is why Power is advised not to get too familiar with the others. This utilitarian theory conflicts with a second theory, the more conventional Egalitarian standard, which holds that all human life is of equal value. On a strict application of equality, no person should be sacrificed for the benefit of another, and when human life is held as the supreme value, some version of pacifism would appear the logical conclusion. Without viewing the film a second time, Stephen Boyd's character, I believe, comes closest to acting out a consistent Egalitarian standard since he refuses to sacrifice another without sacrificing himself.

Seven Waves Away (alternate U.S. titles: Abandon Ship! and Seven Days From Now) is a 1957 British drama film starring Tyrone Power, Mai Zetterling, Lloyd Nolan, and Stephen Boyd. When his ship goes down, an officer has to make an agonizing decision on his overcrowded lifeboat. Survivors of a sunken liner, the Crescent Star, huddle together on a lifeboat and executive officer Alec Holmes (Tyrone Power) has to face a number of uncomfortable choices. It centres on his agonising decision on his overcrowded lifeboat. As gripping and powerful as it is, ABANDON SHIP! is a survival story that's hard to view from the comfort of an armchair or theater seat. The viewer can identify so completely with the daunting task facing the ship's officer (TYRONE POWER) when making life and death decisions with regard to how many people can use the lifeboat when a sunken ship leaves them adrift at sea. The luxury liner SS Crescent Star sinks in seven minutes after striking a rogue mine in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, taking with her nearly all of the 1156 people on board. Twenty-seven of the survivors converge on a single lifeboat designed to accommodate only nine. The dying captain passes command to executive officer Alec Holmes (Tyrone Power). Holmes then learns from "Sparks" Clary ( John Stratton), the ships radio operator, that both transmitters were destroyed before a call for help could be sent. Holmes decides to try to reach the nearest land, Africa, 1500 miles away.The boat they're on is the captain's ship to shore craft. It accommodates nine and twenty seven are in Power's charge as the senior ship's officer. Who's to live and who's to die? Seven Waves Away is a 1957 British adventure film directed by Richard Sale and starring Tyrone Power, Mai Zetterling, Lloyd Nolan, and Stephen Boyd. After his cruise ship hits a mine and with the captain dead, an officer has to make an agonizing decision on an overcrowded lifeboat. According to Kinematograph Weekly the film was "in the money" at the British box office in 1957. [2] See also [ edit ] Love Blooms [L’amour debout] *** (2019, Paul Delbreil, Adèle Csech, Samuel Fasse) – Classic Movie Review 12,727 | Derek Winnert on La Maman et La Putain [The Mother and the Whore] **** (1973, Jean-Pierre Léaud, Bernadette Lafont, Françoise Lebrun) – Classic Movie Review 12,728

I'm not sure it was peace or war time that this story is supposed to have taken place. The ship is an ocean liner on a round the world cruise. But what happens is that it strikes a loose mine floating out in the south Atlantic, 1500 miles from the coast of Africa. I can't believe that people would be taking cruises in the middle of a war nor would any pleasure ships be sailing. Love Blooms [L’amour debout] *** (2019, Paul Delbreil, Adèle Csech, Samuel Fasse) – Classic Movie Review 12,727 26 Nov 2023

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Not flawless and perhaps a bit dated, but still a rather powerful, disturbing film. If this sort of story appeals, I recommend it very highly.

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