The Body Clock in Traditional Chinese Medicine: Understanding Our Energy Cycles for Health and Healing

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The Body Clock in Traditional Chinese Medicine: Understanding Our Energy Cycles for Health and Healing

The Body Clock in Traditional Chinese Medicine: Understanding Our Energy Cycles for Health and Healing

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This changes the first example above to: zǐ initial ( 子初), zǐ initial 1 kè ( 子初一刻), zǐ initial 2 kè ( 子初二刻), zǐ initial 3 kè ( 子初三刻), zǐ initial 4 kè ( 子初四刻), zǐ central [b] ( 子正), zǐ central 1 kè ( 子正一刻), zǐ central 2 kè ( 子正二刻), zǐ central 3 kè ( 子正三刻), zǐ central 4 kè ( 子正四刻), chǒu initial ( 丑初). Here are some proverbs and idioms about time in Chinese that will help you sound like a native speaker. Most people know the body repairs and heals as we sleep. Do you get enough sleep each night to support this? Optimal sleep is both the length and quality of our sleep. Maybe you toss and turn in bed trying to get to sleep or wake frequently during the night? We can support our sleep by avoiding over stimulating our minds before bed and taking time to relax.Our aim is to wake refreshed and rested, clear headed and alert. With, learning time in Chinese is fun and effective at the same time! Table of Contents

So, here’s the list of key Chinese time vocabulary words to give you a foundation. They come along with pronunciations and English translations. Chinese Let’s take a look at what time range each of these words represents and how to combine them with the concrete time in Chinese. 早上 ( zǎo sh a ng ): (Early) Morning

How to Use Time Expressions in Chinese

Remember that when referring to time and currency, 两 ( liǎng) is used for “two” instead of 二 ( èr), which is used more commonly for counting. 3. The Minutes in Chinese All right, now that you have a bunch of time-telling expressions at your disposal, you’re ready to employ them to talk about your daily routines and plans. Describing Daily Routines Many people unwittingly follow the cycle of sugar ups and downs based on high-sugar meals. Sugar addiction, biorhythms and acidic body pH fluctuations will cause disease, and will make your meridians go haywire. We need to quit the addictions to have a chance for balance.

Nature has its own rhythm as does the human body. When the human body synchronizes its rhythm with that of nature we’re in our best state of health. Now, the time is not always on the hour. Chinese time allows you to round up to the half hour and quarter hour like you’re used to in English (when it’s 28 minutes past, you can say it’s half past as you normally would). So how do you say “half past… ”, “quarter past…” and “quarter to” in Chinese?

3. The Minutes in Chinese

The main psycho-emotional aspects related to the large intestine involve the ability to let go or a tendency to hold on to issues, people or situations. Often, resolving any psychological issues related to holding on or letting go will help to re-establish large intestine health. shí jiān), which is “time” in Chinese, can be tight and precious, or hard to manage. Time in Chinese culture is always an important topic to discuss as our everyday arrangements depend on it. Sometimes we have to apologize for being late, and sometimes we just want to ask other people to be on time. Here are some of the most common phrases for talking about time in Chinese that will certainly help you communicate with others. Counting from the first gēng to the next would look like this: yìgēng ( 一更), yìgēng 1 diǎn ( 一更一点; 一更一點), yìgēng 2 diǎn ( 一更二点; 一更二點), yìgēng 3 diǎn ( 一更三点; 一更三點), yìgēng 4 diǎn ( 一更四点; 一更四點), yìgēng 5 diǎn ( 一更五点; 一更五點), èrgēng ( 二更). Given the time sāngēng 2 diǎn ( 三更二点; 三更二點), you would read it as "two diǎn after sāngēng", and find the time to be 00:48. [d]

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