DESTEK Lenses Virtual Reality Headset with Bluetooth Controller, Controller

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DESTEK Lenses Virtual Reality Headset with Bluetooth Controller, Controller

DESTEK Lenses Virtual Reality Headset with Bluetooth Controller, Controller

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As for the headset itself, it delivers a 110-degree field of view through a pair of sharp aspheric and anti-distortion lenses. A pupil distance adjuster makes easy work of finding the right setting for most users, and the headset is also designed to accommodate glasses. Overall, the VR Headset with Controller offers a decent virtual reality experience at an affordable price. While it may not match the quality of more expensive options, it provides HD optimization, multiple gaming options, and compatibility with various smartphones. The comfortable design and adjustable headstrap enhance the user experience, although individuals with larger heads may find the strap inadequate. The product comes with a 365-day free warranty, indicating the manufacturer’s commitment to customer satisfaction. However, the limited compatibility with the iOS system and occasional complaints about lens and controller quality should be considered. If you’re looking to dip your toes into virtual reality without breaking the bank, this VR headset is worth a try. Buyer's Guide: Nexus 6P VR Headset You need to match the benefits you get to the price you pay. For example, the Valve Index might lie in an expensive range but it has enough features to compensate for that expense. Type You can easily clean or replace the face pad and head strap because they are removable and reassemble. Fix Blurry Image The image quality with the Destek was excellent. Once focused properly, it was crystal-clear without any obvious distortion, and color reproduction seemed faithful in the Cedar Point VR roller coaster simulation. There can be some light leak at the top of the headset, however, which is worth considering if you are planning to consistently use your VR headset in well-lit environments.

The DESTEK V5 VR Headset is OK for virtual reality use. But, there’s so many issues that make it a poor usable product. The rubber flappy section (I know I keep mentioning this) is a terrible design idea, the remote control, although a great idea, is crud. The Destek includes a small Bluetooth gamepad that is designed to attach to a keychain to ensure that you have it with you at all times. At 0.8 ounces, the weight is negligible at best. And while it's obvious the diminutive device isn’t taking the place of a full-size gamepad, it does a serviceable job at improving the mobile gaming experience. Adjustable Focus: Look for a headset that allows you to adjust the focus of the lenses to cater to your individual vision needs. Glasses wearers were also very happy in our test, because the glasses fit very well under the Destek V5 VR headset. However, it cannot be said in general that it works equally well with all glasses, larger glasses could possibly lead to problems. Lenses with blue light filtersThe remote control features a Bluetooth connection. You’ll need to insert 2x AAA batteries and power it on by pressing and holding the power button. Perform a Bluetooth search on your device and connect to ‘VR Remote Control’ in your search. DESTEK Dream is compatible with smartphones with gyroscopes that have a width of less than 83 mm. If your phone cover is larger than the maximum size, please remove it. Touch Button Doesn't Work

Bring intense sensory stimulation for watching your favorite videos with DESTEK V5 VR headsets. Enjoy the virtual gaming world with advanced phone virtual reality. You can easily access the VR app on your smartphone and select the VR mode. The QR code scans to adjust your screen. There is Bluetooth remote available for maximum compatibility. If you're nearsighted, you can fix the blur problem by adjusting the focus with the focal adjustment slider on the bottom of the headset.Phone VR Headsets are a viable alternative to full-fat headsets because they make use of a device most people already own, whether that’s an Android or iOS device. They are cost-effective, easy to set up, and offer an accessible entry point into the world of VR. These are ideal taster kits for those intrigued about what all the fuss is about or who simply want to test the waters before committing to one of the premium options. Unlike more expensive headsets that can cost as much as a mid-range gaming PC and require a decent gaming rig to run, they won’t break the bank and often require no more than a standard smartphone, a device most of us already have. With this perspective, the immersion is already very high and after a short time you feel as if you are actually part of the VR scene. Different color variants of the Destek V5 VR headset One element many people forget to consider when choosing their VR headset is the amount of space they have to play in the real world. For example, are you going to be using your VR headset in your cramped bedroom or do you have a large living room to play in? The amount of real-world space will affect your virtual reality experience, and can also dictate what kind of VR headset you choose to get. If you have a small space, then a tethered headset is a good choice because you do not have room to move around much. However, if you do have a large playing area, then choosing an untethered headset may work for you and enhance your experience. Comfort is a big highlight with a soft, plush, breathable nose piece that does wonders to reduce pressure, alongside a fully adjustable headband, focus, and depth adjustments to hone in on the clearest image possible and reduce distortion. We are impressed with the comfort levels on offer here, given the price point.

The headset includes a pair of 37 mm biconvex lenses. There are no adjustment features, but the headset does feature a magnetic input button to interact with apps and games on the fly without taking the phone out of the casing.V5 is compatible with smartphones with gyroscopes that have a display size of less than 162 * 83 mm. If your phone cover is larger than the maximum size, please remove it. Touch Button Doesn't Work Set the proper pupil distance such that the DESTEK Dream pupil distance is the same as the distance between the centers of two VR pictures. Field of View: A wider field of view allows for a more immersive and realistic experience. Look for headsets with a higher field of view to enhance your virtual reality adventures. Headphone Support: If you prefer an immersive audio experience, choose a headset that accommodates headphones or has built-in audio capabilities. As stated in the product description that the way this headset works for big-screen phones is NOT by covering it inside the headset fully, but instead, it has designed an adjustable front cover and levels of snaps. That's why you may experience your phone sandwiched in the headset without fully covering it. For more details, please see the attached image. Fix Blurry Image

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