Generations Transformers Holiday Optimus Prime Collectible Edition F8055 Ages 8 and Up

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Generations Transformers Holiday Optimus Prime Collectible Edition F8055 Ages 8 and Up

Generations Transformers Holiday Optimus Prime Collectible Edition F8055 Ages 8 and Up

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Optimus detected that the Alpha Trion protocols had been activated, meaning Ultra Magnus had been deactivated. Elita-1 again tried to appeal to Optimus about his plan of taking the Allspark off-world, but Optimus remained fixed on it. He then traveled to the Guardians to inform them of Magnus' demise. While there Optimus informed the Guardians of Megatron's plan with the Allspark and tries to appeal for their help in the war. The Guardians remained steadfast in their neutrality. A dejected Optimus returned to Autobot base, where Bumblebee is brought before him. Optimus realized that the Alpha Trion Protocols had chosen Bumblebee. He explains what these are to Bumblebee. After Bumblebee's vision with Alpha Trion, he assures Optimus of Trion's belief in him, which reassured Optimus. Bumblebee also knew where the Allspark was kept. Siege episode 4 Some time later, Optimus was botnapped by Megatron's Renegade Decepticons and taken to another reality. Prowl and Red Alert followed with the Spy Changers team, although they didn't end up on the 22nd Strata as expected. Renegade Rhetoric (2), 02/05/2016 The Decepticons made several raids against local human facilities, and the Autobots were unable to stop them or rescue Optimus Prime. Renegade Rhetoric (2), 05/05/2016 Sponsor News BBTS: Marvel Legends, Star Wars, Dragon Ball, 2000 AD, Action Force, Predator, Transformers, Star Trek & More! Game News: Get a first look at the next Combiners and learn more about mercenary triple-changer Snapdragon in this "Earth Wars" update

The sheer size of the Titan proved enough to scare away most of the invading army, allowing her to deploy Computron to fend off Strika's Heavies long enough for Optimus to emerge from the Autobot bunker. After allowing Pyra to respond to a distress call from the Sonic Canyons and sending Lodestar off to Darkmount, Optimus called for a temporary ceasefire. The Landscape of Fear Speaking with Megatron, OptimWhile Hasbro and TakaraTomy's releases of the toy are almost identical, the battle damage paint apps on the latter's shoulders and legs are slightly altered in size. [4] Though designated for release in the first quarter of 2019, Optimus's wave reached U.S. store shelves in late 2018. Sponsor News BBTS: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 S.H.Figuarts Spider-Man, Mortal Kombat, DC Multiverse, Dragon Ball S.H.Figuarts, Mythic Legions, FuRay Planet & More!

Optimus Prime was originally known as Orion Pax, a police captain from Rodion. An encounter with a pre- Decepticon Megatron would change the course of his life, teaching him that freedom was not just the right of all "civilised" beings, but of all sentient beings, and causing him to publicly reclaim the name "Autobot", previously used only at Cybertronians as a derogatory term, before the corrupt Senate. At some point, Archforce posed a threat to both Optimus Prime and Megatron. Ask Vector Prime, 10/08/2015 In Primax 092.0 Beta, Optimus Prime was a student of Hyperdrive at the Elite Guard academy before the Great War. Ask Vector Prime, 16/07/2015 Sponsor News BBTS: Transformers Studios Series, DC Multiverse, NECA Gargoyles & TMNT, G.I. Joe, Spawn's Universe, Ghostbusters & More!While fighting the Vehicons, Galvatron remarked that Nucleon looked worse than Optimus had before Apex had replaced what was left of his face. Derailment Sponsor News BBTS: MOTU Masterverse Hordak, Spawn's Universe, Metroid Dread figma, Marvel, The Book of Boba Fett Mei Sho & More! Eleven years after their arrival on Earth, Prime and the Autobots made a new human ally in Wataru Hoshinoumi when he stumbled into the midst of a battle between Prime's team and Starscream and Ramjet. Enter! The Transformers When Megatron joined the fight soon after, he held Bumblebee and Wataru hostage, daring Prime to make a move against him. Prime opened fire, but Megatron merely used the defeated Starscream for a shield, then turned his cannon on the younger duo. Prime unleashed his ion blaster and apparently deflected the blast with a shot of his own, saving Bumblebee and Wataru and prompting the Decepticons to retreat. The Emperor of Destruction Appears! Sponsor News BBTS: Bishoujo Megatron, DC Multiverse, FEXT System, Mothra Vinyl & Godzilla T-Shirt BBTS Exclusive, Hero Quest, Dragon Ball S.H.Figuarts, Judge Dredd, Archecore & More!

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