Nad's Nose Waxing Kit for Men and Women, Nose Hair Removal, Nose Wax, Hypoallergenic, 45g

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Nad's Nose Waxing Kit for Men and Women, Nose Hair Removal, Nose Wax, Hypoallergenic, 45g

Nad's Nose Waxing Kit for Men and Women, Nose Hair Removal, Nose Wax, Hypoallergenic, 45g

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Working by grabbing the nose hairs and not the skin, it is fairly painless compared to traditional waxing methods, which is really important when waxing somewhere are sensitive as the nose! SPECIALLY FORMULATED NASAL WAX ☆ 100g / 3.5 oz of hypo-allergenic wax, will never get brittle or snap off in your nose the correct wax setting time may result in wax residue remaining in the nostril. If this occurs, carefully use blunt-ended tweezers to grab onto Your skin is really sensitive during this time and I wouldn’t recommend waxing until after your period. You will find that it will be a far less Insert the waxed applicator into your nose, but do not insert it too far inside as you might cause damage to mucous membranes or your sinuses. The hair further up your nose is important, so keep it there.

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If nose hair waxing does not sound right for you, here are some alternatives of how to remove visible hairs from your nose: Nose trimmers Mess Free. Long Lasting Results - Remove nose hair with great efficiency and without the risks associated with sharp nose trimmers. Our nasal hair waxing kit is gentle on the delicate nostril area and removes hair from its root for long-lasting results Nose wax kit includes 30g Hard microwavable wax, 4 moustache protectors, 6 applicators, 3 wooden spatulas, 3 antibacterial wipes & 3 post wax wipes. WAX KIT CONTAINS】Wax kit Nose Wax 100g, 20 Wax Applicators, 10 wooden Applicators, 10 Mustache Template, 10 cups, 1 Measuring Cup,1 User manual with hassle-free perfect direction. Everything you need for a smooth, neat and clean nose in one box Gifts. I know what you might be thinking… does it hurt? Well you may be surprised to know that 9/10 say it’s painless*. For real! You’ll find everything

When it comes to male grooming don’t neglect the less obvious areas like those embarrassing and unsightly nose hairs! For many men this can be a very common Hardening in little over 1 minute, the applicator can be easily removed from the nose and will remove the pesky visible nose hairs along with it. Immediately pull tightly down on your upper lip to hold the skin taut underneath the nose (Figure2) and insert the SafeTip® into the nose. The collarHowever, before you wax your nostrils, you should know the basics on how to wax nasal hair without damaging the skin or removing too much hair from deeper within the nose. What customers say: “I have sensitive skin and a low pain tolerance, so I did not have high hopes. This product exceeded my expectations by SO much! It removed almost all the hair, it was mess-free and easy, with VERY little pain! I used it on my legs and it was PERFECT! I am no longer using razors.” —Marie at Ulta Did you remember to keep the skin taut as you pulled the strip off? This is essential to prevent bruising/swelling/irritation.

SIMPLY&SAFTY】You can easily remove nose hair at home by a microwave oven heating Wokaar Nose Wax, leave you with a clean,fresh nose.Let you show the most confident side anytime, anywhere. WORKS ON EARS ☆ Thanks to astonishing scientific advancements from Kenashii, you can also use our kit to remove "ear wombats". Is that a Nobel Prize we can smell? Probably not, but don't let that stop you waxing your ear bush We advise to trim the hair to 3mm, as longer hair will be more painful to remove and you might experience bruising/swelling/irritation. Do not use on sunburnt, dry, flaky, broken or irritated skin; over warts, pimples, moles or wounds or if you have suffered an adverse reaction to waxes Athena Club's simple waxing kit provides you with 24 ready-to-use wax strips and post-wax wipes for a comfortable hair removal experience. Each strip is designed to grip and remove even the shortest hairs, without any heat required (including rubbing your hands). With the accompanying wipes, you can easily clean up each area and go about your day after waxing. The compact size of the kit makes it perfect for travel or last-minute touch-ups.

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What customers say: “I love these wax strips! They have different-size strips for lips and brows, and it’s as simple as heating the strips in your hand, placing over the hair to be removed, and pulling off! They come with oil to remove excess wax and soothe after removal, and a good amount of strips that are reasonably priced. I won’t have to visit a salon again—I can do it from the comfort of my home!” — Anonymous, at Target

FOLLOWING THE DIRECTIONS FOR USE, FIRST TEST THIS PRODUCT ON A SMALL PART OF THE AREA YOU WISH TO TREAT. IF AFTER 24 HOURS THERE IS NO ADVERSE REACTION, To remove, hold the stem of the SafeTip® applicator tightly and pull down in one swift movement (Figure4). Do you have any prior experience in waxing? Either with cold wax, warm wax or hard wax? The bikini area is a particularly sensitive area; I would recommend


There are a number of reasons why bruising, swelling and/or irritation may occur so it's important to ALWAYS read the precautions and perform a patch should sit outside the nostril (Figure3). Do not move or twist the applicator once it has been inserted.

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