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Revelations Tarot

Revelations Tarot

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When The Tower card appears in a Tarot reading, expect the unexpected – massive change, upheaval, destruction and chaos. It may be a divorce, death of a loved one, financial failure, health problems, natural disaster, job loss or any event that shakes you to your core, affecting you spiritually, mentally and physically. There’s no escaping it. Change is here to tear things up, create chaos and destroy everything in its path (but trust me, it’s for your Highest Good). Detachment, independence, overcoming addiction, freedom, revelation, reclaiming power, reasserting control General meaning and interpretation(Reversed)

In a general context, The Devil Tarot card can signify depression or addiction. It can also be a sign of feeling trapped or restricted. With this Major Arcana card in your Tarot spread you may feel as though outside influences or forces beyond your control are restricting you, leaving you feeling powerless and victimised. However, this is the illusion The Devil creates. You are in control of your own destiny and are not bound by anything other than your own attitudes and behaviour. Don’t give up and don’t give away your power. You don’t have to tolerate negativity, criticism, manipulation or abuse from anyone. There are always options and there is always something positive you can do to improve your situation no matter how hopeless things may seem on the surface. Likewise be mindful of how you are treating others and make sure you are not trying to manipulate or control people in your life either. The Devil upright in your Tarot reading can also indicate obsessive, secretive or impulsive behaviour. It can be a sign that you are out of control. The Devil Tarot card is also a signifier of materialism and may show that you have become overly concerned with material things, status or power. These are not things that will make you truly fulfilled as a person so put your energy into the things that will. Love & Relationships (Upright) In a career context, the Five of Cups can indicate a job loss or the collapse of a business. If you are in business it can also signify a business partner or staff member abandoning the company or it can signify you leaving the business or abandoning a business plan. Although this indicates an unwelcome, difficult change in circumstances there is still something that can be salvaged from the situation so try not to let anger, frustration or despair overwhelm you. It can also represent a career in grief or trauma counselling. In financial Tarot spread, the Five of Cups can indicate a financial loss so now is not a time to be frivolous with money or to make investments. If you have suffered a recent bereavement, the Five of Cups can indicate that you will receive some sort of inheritance. Health (Upright) Think of this card as the X-ray vision glasses for the situation you're currently facing. Sometimes it's not the things we can see, but the thing we can't see, that turn out to have the most profound effect on our lives. This card strips away the veil and shows you exactly what it is -- either positive or negative -- that has been affecting you. These hidden factors could help or hurt you, making it even more important to identify them. In the Major Arcana, the archetypal journey, we find masks on each of the figures. I found this incredibly cool (but then, I am also contemplating putting theater masks on my living room wall!)! Wong did the Major Arcana in a style that he terms similar to stained glass, with each image representing a lesson to be learned, a being to be studied, or a situation. The mask acts to bring in the "human" element. Wong sees the Minor Arcana as "lesser" versions of the lessons from the Major Arcana.Is this Tarot spread right for you? Reveal how the insight from this Tarot spread can provide you with the answers you've been searching for so that you can move forward with more confidence and clarity.

The Tower itself is a solid structure, but because it has been built on shaky foundations, it only takes one bolt of lightning to bring it down. It represents ambitions and goals made on false premises. Studying the individual cards will work very well if you keep a tarot journal or make notes. By studying the upright and reversed image both orientations inform each other and begin to make sense, bringing new insights and fresh perspectives. How many negative emotions can one card represent? Quite a few in the case of the Five of Cups! In a general context, the Five of Cups Tarot card can represent sadness, loss, loneliness and despair. When this card appears it indicates that you are focusing on the negative. This may be the result of some sort of trauma or unwelcome change you have suffered. As such, this card can signify heartbreak, divorce or separation. The Five of Cups also tends to appear if you have suffered a recent bereavement as it represents mourning and grief. It is a card of emotional baggage and instability and can signify that you feel deep remorse, regret, anger, sorrow or disappointment. It is also the Minor Arcana card of abandonment and can either represent you being abandoned by someone significant to you or you abandoning plans or people in your life. It can also indicate loneliness or isolation. However, for all the negative connotations this card can bring there is a positive message underneath it all. The figure depicted in the card is crying over the spilt cups and seems to be oblivious to the fact that two cups are still upright. This is reminding you that no matter how bad things may seem there is always a silver lining, you just have to choose to see it. Love & Relationships (Upright) In a love Tarot spread, if you are single, the Five of Cups can indicate that you are overcome with sadness or despair about a past relationship that did not work out. You may feel as though “The One” has slipped through your fingers and could be oblivious to potential partners as you are so focused on your sense of loss. You may also be consumed by remorse, regret or guilt. Perhaps due to mistakes you made in a past relationship. The Five of Cups is also a card of bereavement and as such, can indicate the loss of a loved one. If you have lost a partner, the Five of Cups can signify that you are isolating yourself as you feel too heartbroken to even contemplate dating anyone. If you do not feel up to dating, that is OK! However, try not to isolate yourself. You must deal with the present and try to stay grounded. Keep a supportive network of friends around you or join a support group if you need help. There is still love in your future even if you are not quite ready for it at the moment. If you are in a relationship, the Five of Cups is not a great omen as it can signify a break-up, separation or divorce. It can also indicate that you may be still harbouring old feelings about an ex rather than emotionally committing 100% to your current relationship. If so, you will need to work on resolving these feelings, if you want your current relationship to move forward. The Five of Cups can also represent abandonment or can simply indicate that fear of abandonment is causing friction in your relationship. Money & Career(Upright)

Revelations Tarot Review by Solandia

Let's face it, sometimes we are our own worst enemy. We're never trying to get in our own way, it's simply our subconscious's way of protecting us after being deeply wounded from past situations. This card will help you see what it is you're doing that's derailing your chance at true happiness. Once you've identified this behavior, you'll finally be able to take the steps toward escaping the nasty cycle of self-sabotage. When you focus on your question or concern, each card selection will tap into the distinct energy of your situation or question. The first three cards represent how you perceive yourself currently, the circumstances currently affecting you, and the unseen forces that have been (and may still be) influencing your outcome. Based on this unveiling, the next three cards will reveal potential patterns of self-sabotage, individuals you can trust, and ultimately, the hidden truths you must discover. This collective insight provides you with the answers you have been searching for. Use the Revelation Tarot reading to empower yourself and move forward with confidence and clarity. THIS is your turning point!

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