Jump - Instant Shoe Shine Sponge Pack of 2

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Jump - Instant Shoe Shine Sponge Pack of 2

Jump - Instant Shoe Shine Sponge Pack of 2

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If you ever notice white stains on your rubber boots- whether matte or gloss boots, this boot shiner sponge will be best for removing them. You don’t need to use it daily, once or twice a month, especially during winter will be enough. Apart from the white stains/ chalkiness, Hunter boot shiner sponge also removes scuffs, leaving your boots looking brand new. The first thing you want to do before polishing with anything- shoe shine sponge, horsetail brush or soft cloth- is spread a newspaper or rag over the area you’ll be polishing to avoid staining the area.

N.B.: this shoe shine sponge, as well as all the other sponges reviewed in this article, do not perform the same function as a polish. Polishes keep the shoes healthier because they seep into the leather of the shoes – and, incidentally, you can read my review of the Kiwi Shoe Polish if this aspect interests you – but shine sponges work only on the surface of the shoes to make them shiny. It also has a gauge that indicates the level of the liquid, so you know when to buy another sponge. This sponge really does some magic to your shoes, making them glossy within seconds. The sponge is suitable for all smooth leather of every color- flat shoes, heels, boots, belts, briefcases, purse, handbag, car upholstery, etc. Hunter has over 163 years of experience in boot production. They have leveraged on their experience, skills, and knowledge to provide us with this boot shiner sponge which can be specially used on Hunter boots as well as other similar rubber boots. As a neutral color sponge, you save money from having to buy different shine sponges for the different colors of shoes you have. You’ll not need to buff after using shiner. All you need to do to get the desired result is to swipe the sponge across the surface of the shoe. If you are not satisfied with the first result, you can always repeat the process. As you may already know, too much at a time could discolor the shoes.Do you have a pair of shoes you don’t feel confident wearing out because they now look chalky and you’ve not found a good shoe polish for then because of their difficult to match the colour? If this is you, you should know that this shine sponge was specially made to take care of shoes like yours. Before use, ensure the surface you want to apply it on is free from loose dirt by cleaning it with a lint-free piece of material or rag. This shoe shine sponge already has a clear shine liquid, so you’ll not have to use polish with it. The shine liquid which is neutral so it can be used on any shoe color- talk about an economical shoe shine sponge! So you don’t wake up one day to a dry sponge, there’s a gauge which lets you know when you need to replace the shine sponge. If your shoes are light-colored and you feel the shine sponge will make them dark, you can eliminate your fears by trying the sponge on a part of your shoe. If it gives them a darker shade, discontinue use. Otherwise, shine on.

For long-lasting results, use this shoe shine after applying polish and buffing your shoes. This will make the shoe shine serve as a protective layer for the polish on the shoe’s surface. 3. Penguin Instant Shine Sponge Whatever the color of your footwear may be, as long as it’s leather, this shine sponge can revive it and make it glow, providing it with over 100 shines. You should know that the sponge does not leave the shoes oily to touch. But you’ll think it does because of the glow on the shoes.Make sure you dispose of them properly after use. Do not try to flush down the toilet. 6. Kiwi all Colours Shine Sponge This instant shoe polisher cleans and shines the shoes within seconds. It can also be used on boots, handbags, briefcases, golf bags, furniture and car upholstery as far as they are made of leather.

Another advantage of using this shoe shine is that, unlike other shoe shine sponges- especially those that come on the cover of liquid polishes, it doesn’t mess up the place or soil your hands. You’ll probably not even get any of the liquid on your hands if you carefully hold the plastic end made for being held while rubbing over the surface of your shoe. But this won’t happen with Diamond shoe shine wipes. The possibility of any wipe drying out is infinitesimal because deciding to open a wipe means you intend to use it immediately and even if you don’t, it’s only the opened wipe that will lose its moisture. In case you want to use the shine sponge on another material that’s not leather or vinyl you can try by applying it to a small section of your shoe. Clean off immediately if you notice any discoloring.When leather shoes start to appear dull or scuffed, they can be given new life with shoe polishes. This process can be messy and time-consuming if you don’t use the right shoe sponge. The sponge is infused with silicone oil which is what makes the shoes glossy. The shoe sponge leaves a long-lasting result, which prolongs the service life of the sponge as there’ll be no need to constantly buy a new one. This, in turn, saves you some money.

The Kiwi all color shine sponge gives an instant gloss to leather, vinyl shoes, bags and accessories of any color. This means even if your shoes are blue or maroon if they are made of leather or vinyl this sponge can restore their gloss. Like the other shine sponges, you don’t need to use the sponge with a brush or piece of rag. It’s also not necessary to apply a polish first before using the sponge. The sponge comes with a liquid that gives the boots their shine. There’s a gauge too to let you know when to invest in a new shiner sponge.

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