Skull Shaver Palm 3 Head Electric Razor for Men Face and Head Smooth Waterproof Cordless Rechargeable Electric Shaver

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Skull Shaver Palm 3 Head Electric Razor for Men Face and Head Smooth Waterproof Cordless Rechargeable Electric Shaver

Skull Shaver Palm 3 Head Electric Razor for Men Face and Head Smooth Waterproof Cordless Rechargeable Electric Shaver

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Some men are not as follicley blessed as others. Some opt for the smooth, hairless approach out of choice, but regardless of the situation, we respect our bald-headed brethren, and think you deserve a device that's going to keep that shiny bonce perfectly hair free and clean. And before you start waxing lyrical about the merits of shaving with a manual razor, the best bald head shavers are purpose-built to achieve Guardiola-status shaves, and we swear by them.

While the actual performance will be the same (for the Platinum PRO and Gold PRO models), there are a few differences related to color, display, and included accessories like travel case, rinse stand, and so on.Precisely, the Andis ProFoil will only work well on short hair and may require some extra effort to get a clean shave behind your head. In addition, the battery life isn’t as strong, at only 600 mAh in comparison to 1400 mAh of the Gold and Platinum. Notable Features While you could simply use a hand mirror, having a proper setup with (at least) two mirrors is game-changing and will make your head shaving sessions a lot more enjoyable. Especially during hot summer days or if the humidity is high in your area, sweat will be the main culprit here. Here’s what I consider to be a few easy-to-implement, but highly effective tips when shaving your head.

Battery life: Chulpayev also advises seeking out a longer battery life so you don’t have to worry about constantly having to charge it. Most head shavers average 60 to 90 minutes of battery life. Depending on how often you use the shaver and how long it takes to shave your whole head, that can last you a few weeks before you need to charge it again. I used to Pitbull Silver model for about two and half years and it worked pretty good save for a couple issues that I found to be annoying more than problematic. You won’t spend as much time shaving by using the Pitbull shaver either. These tools were designed to make it fast, simple, and painless for removing hair. How Long Do Skull Shaver Blades Last? Lubricating your shaver once or twice a week should suffice. Final word on choosing the right head shaver You can achieve this by either using one machine (like the Philips Norelco QC5580) or by having two separate ones. For example, a basic/cheap hair clipper and a shaver (rotary or foil). You can even take this one step further and instead of a regular hair clipper, why not get the ShortCut Pro from Remington? That one will be even better for what you need with the wide and curved blade. And it gets really close, so you’ll have your work cut out for you when you follow up with a shaver. As I mentioned in the review, the Andis ProFoil will get you the closest shave, but it won’t be as easy and fast as using a rotary shaver like the Balder Pro.A head shaver & a beard trimmer tool (2 in 1) without any significant compromises would be difficult to find if not impossible. Realistically, I think you should be looking at having two dedicated devices. There are many cheap and excellent beard trimmers like the Philips Multigroom or the Panasonic ER-GB42-K. When choosing a head shaver, there are a few key features to consider to produce the closest shave and best fit your personal shaving needs: A particular shaver might work great for someone else, but won’t necessarily be ideal for your needs. When the guard is fitted over the shaving head, it means there’s a gap between the rotary cutters and the skin. This makes the hairs a lot less likely to poke through a hole and when it does finally happen, there’s a good chance the blade will just yank the hair instead of cutting it. That’s why it’s important to always keep the rotary cutters flat against the skin, so a guard doesn’t make sense at all for rotary (head) shavers.

The closeness is again surprisingly good, but something like the Balder Pro or the Pitbull will shave much closer. One thing to note about these Skull Shavers is that you need to trim your hair pretty short. These are bald head maintenance shavers, so if you’re looking for a stubbly look or a longer shaven look, you also wouldn’t have a use for this shaver. The most budget-friendly of the bunch and the smallest of them all, the Palm Face and Head Shaver is a simple design with a three-head rotary blade. SPECIAL FEATURES: Easy Cleaning, Cordless USB Rechargeable, Battery powered with Battery life LED indicator in LCD display, perfectly works in plug and shave mode.A) Wet-shaving my face and head in the shower with three days’ growth using a Quattro refillable razor blade (with a cruelty-free brush and Proraso shaving soap) While the Platinum is incredibly innovative and fun to use, it’s a bit expensive than most electric shavers on the market. So we also looked at the other shavers to see what value the Platinum has over the Gold Pro. I was specifically looking at the ES-LV67 as there was a recent special on it here in AU, but I just missed out on the special price, so I will have to wait again until it’s on special again if going with that model (unless you say the Panasonic Arc 5s wouldn’t be any good for head shaving). I was also looking at the Braun 9477cc which was also on special, but it is double the price and still a bit out of my price range (not sure if there is another Braun 9 series I could look at that is cheaper, but similar in performance?). If you’re using your head shaver dry (so no shaving cream/gel), any moisture on the scalp will have a negative impact on the quality of the shave and will make the whole experience less enjoyable.

Here’s how we can group the various types of electric head shavers into two broad categories. Electric shavers for the face (and head) Ear/Nose trimmer attachment – An added bonus is the detachable nose and ear trimmer. Just switch it over with the shaving blade attachment. We found the Gold Pro and Platinum Pro products to be very similar and really didn’t experience much of a difference between them. We did notice the Gold PRO comes with no accessories like the Platinum PRO does. Notable Features Blades – A rotary blade shaver with three blades. The blades are large flexing and pivoting heads that aim to enable users to easily shave on any area of the face and head where skin surfaces change.Additional accessories: A few extra accessories are always good, especially if you’re new to shaving your head at home. Some come with attachments that allow you to use the shavers as nose and ear trimmers or precision trimmers and others will have a massaging attachment. Most importantly, look for ones that come with a cleaning brush or a travel case if you plan on bringing it with you on trips. The Palm 3 motor can be compared to the Pitbull Silver PRO that comes with CR-3 blade instead of the Carver 4 PRO 4 Head Replacement blade like the Pitbull Silver PRO. Compared to the Series 9 with its advanced flexing foil cutters, the Andis takes more time to complete your shave. But it does get remarkably close. One thing to note is there’s a difference between the new Platinum Pro and the old Platinum version. The clipper is fitted with a Li-ion battery for up to 40 minutes of cordless operation. However, it will also work with the cord plugged in which is a major bonus.

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