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Stalky & Co.

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Oh, no. Left ’em in the middle of the hut, of course. What a blind ass you are, Beetle! D’you think nobody thinks but yourself? Well, we can’t use the hut any more. Hoofer will be watchin’ it.” Good Lord!” said the Sergeant, sitting heavily upon a bed. “Where–where the devil _was_ you? I might ha’ known it was a do–somewhere.”

Stalky" (real name: Arthur Lionel Corkran [3]). He knows that he is destined for Sandhurst, so he does not care about many academic subjects. Stalky later turns out to be brilliant in battle. He is based on Lionel Dunsterville. [4]Ten minutes later the news was over the whole school. Stalky and Co. had fallen at last–fallen by drink. They had been drinking. They had returned blind-drunk from a hut. They were even now lying hopelessly intoxicated on the dormitory floor. A few bold spirits crept up to look, and received boots about the head from the criminals.

Proofs of the book arrived in August, 1899, and coincided with a visit from Cormell Price. The “Dedication Verses” were written August 21st-24th, and the book was published on October 6th. They’ve got us under suspicion,” said Stalky. “Hoophats _is_ so suspicious somehow; and Foxy always makes every stalk he does a sort of–sort of–“


Ah, King hates the Natural History Society because little Hartopp is president. Mustn’t do anything in the Coll. without glorifyin’ King,” said McTurk. “But he must be a putrid ass, know, to suppose at our time o’ life we’d go and stuff birds like fags.” What happened to these boys? How did they apply the lessons learned at school to the world of warfare and imperial administration? These questions are implied throughout the book and answered explicitly in the final chapter. Stalky & Co. is the only school story which shows school as a direct preparation for life. Most others actually make the world outside school seem irrelevant, an anticlimax, an unimaginable void. Kipling, for all his intense feeling for the school atmosphere and the moods of adolescence, shows school as the first stage of a much larger game, a pattern-maker for the

There seems to have been a gap in the writing after this, coinciding with Kipling’s winter visit to South Africa. On April 11th, 1898, however, he wrote from Cape Town the letter to the Horsmonden School Budget containing six “Hints on Schoolboy Etiquette” which parallel incidents in Stalky & Co. Wonder if I ought to take any notice of it officially,” said Abanazar, who had just remembered he was a prefect. I–I noticed you ‘adn’t ‘ad anything to eat, an’ I spoke to Gumbly, an’ he said you wasn’t exactly cut off from supplies. So I brought up this. It’s your potted ‘am tin, ain’t it, Mr. Corkran?” Well, ye should ha’ come up to the lodge like Christians instead o’ chasin’ your–a-hem–boys through the length an’ breadth of my covers. _I_ think these house-matches are all rot. Let’s go over to Colonel Dabney’s an’ see if he’s collared any more poachers.” I apologize,” said he. “I apologize unreservedly–to you, and to the Old Country. Now, will you be good enough to tell me your story?”Uncle Remus and His Legends of the Old Plantation, by Joel Chandler Harris, London edition, 1881. The principal basis for "The United Idolaters."

Might as well get up to the wood, I think,” said Stalky. “We don’t want G. M. Dabney, Col., J.P., to be bothered about us so soon. Up the wuzzy and keep quiet! He may have followed us, you know.” Well, you know, that little beast Manders minor saw Beetle and me hammerin’ McTurk’s trunk open in the dormitory when we took his watch last month. Of course Manders sneaked to Mason, and Mason solemnly took it up as a case of theft, to get even with us about the rats.” It’s nothin’ to make fun of, young gentlemen. I ‘ave to go to the ‘Ead with the charges. An’–an’ you mayn’t be aware, per’aps, that I was followin’ you this afternoon; havin’ my suspicions.” My dear man, of course ye can come again. Did I not say exceptions prove the rule? The lower combe? Man, dear, anywhere ye please, so long as you do not disturb my pheasants. The two are not incompatible. Don’t attempt to deny it. They’re not! I’ll never allow another gun, though. Come and go as ye please. I’ll not see you, and ye needn’t see me. Ye’ve been well brought up. Another glass of beer, now? I tell you a fisherman he was and a fisherman he shall be to-night again. He shall! Wish I could drown him. I’ll convoy you to the Lodge. My people are not precisely–ah–broke to boy, but they’ll know you again.” The Honours of War" (1917 in A Diversity of Creatures): Stalky (now a lieutenant-colonel) and Beetle learn that two subalterns are in trouble for playing pranks on a fellow subaltern named Wontner, including abducting him to the Infant's mansion. As Wontner intends to create a scandal that will end their careers, Stalky diverts him by helping to tie up and embarrass the pranksters, after which Wontner is as guilty as they are.Green, Roger Lancelyn (17 February 2003). "Slaves of the Lamp, Part II". Kipling Society . Retrieved 21 January 2016.

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