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Tell Me Lies

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If you enjoy your thrillers with a heavy dose of over-the-top crazy, stalker-ish characters this is the perfect book for you. And Sabrina is the type of character we all love to hate! The band playing that night is Danner Lane led by the very sexy and very charismatic, Jake Danner. When his eyes find hers during their warm up they never leave her for the rest of the night. Kismet? Serendipity? Call it what you will but these two people don't just want to be together. They NEED to be together. This reading group guide for Tell Me Lies includes discussion questions and ideas for enhancing your book club. The suggested questions are intended to help your reading group find new and interesting angles and topics for your discussion. We hope that these ideas will enrich your conversation and increase your enjoyment of the book. The rehearsal dinner is in a matter of hours, and even though Bree promised only the bridal party and family would be there, she could be wrong. She wasn’t looking at the actual list when she said that. The dark-haired girl looked at us and rolled her enormous eyes. I’m Pippa McAllister. And this is Bree Benson.

Harry isn’t getting involved with Expedia, Melissa tells me importantly, even though he attended last week’s meeting. I’d eaten a cheeseburger and a bowl of ice cream at the orientation barbecue earlier that day. CJ had nibbled on some potato salad. I’d never had to think about what I ate, but maybe I needed to start. You’re early,” Alanna sneers when I walk in. She’s really saying: You’re early but not earlier than me. Alanna is on a complete power trip because she’s an account manager and I’m an account executive, and she pretends to be my boss even though we both have the same boss, Melissa, director of sales. God, I hate titles in the corporate world. CJ flinched. She’s used to the fact that I don’t call her Mom anymore—I haven’t in years—but she still hates it, especially when we’re around new people. “They’re going to think I’m your stepmom,” she once said, and I’d shrugged, because after she did the Unforgivable Thing, I stopped caring what she thought. Wrigley's pressure on and off the field grows, harming his relationship with Pippa. Lucy and Stephen talk about being exclusive.Riveting. With Tell Me Lies, Carola Lovering has given us a keenly observed, no-holds-barred examination of the mistakes we make under the guise of love. If you've ever fallen for the wrong person —and let's be honest, you probably have —this book is for you." After the client leaves I type up the meeting notes for Melissa and then remind her that I’m leaving early. She gives me a look like this is brand-new information, even though I told her a month ago and have reminded her every day this week.

The reader, meanwhile, already knows at that point that this is the truth; in one of Stephen’s last point-of-view chapters, he admits he was cheating on his girlfriend with Macy. He was the one drunk driving, while Macy gave him oral sex when he totaled her car and killed her. He walked away from her body without telling anyone he was the driver because he didn’t want to disrupt his life and future. Disney’s Frozen was referenced 19 separate times. I get it. The little girl loves Frozen. For the love of everything, please stop mentioning it. I leave my apartment in the dark. The kitchen is a mess, mostly from Dane and me, but I know Dane won’t bother doing the dishes. He’s not at all helpful when it comes to that kind of stuff. My new roommate, Julie, probably thinks I’m a slob. If Bree still lived here it wouldn’t matter, but she doesn’t. She moved in with Evan three months ago.

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Too Good to be True tells the story of two marriages, one love story as told by three people. Skye Starling is over the moon when her boyfriend, Burke Michaels, proposes. Theirs had been a whirlwind courtship, and now Skye can almost hear the wedding bells ringing. To an outsider, Skye has it all. She is beautiful, intelligent, and has enough wealth to last her a few lifetimes. However, she suffers from OCD, a condition that came to the surface when her mother died when she was just eleven years old. Thanks to this condition, Skye had been unable to sustain a long-term relationship. Burke promises to bring an end to this. The next semester, Stephen's last, he pursues Lucy again, claiming his and Diana's relationship is merely for convenience. Stephen's promise to Lucy that they can date publicly after his graduation, combined with an increase in romantic overtures, are enough to convince her to start seeing him again. They spend time together all summer, and Lucy finally feels secure in their relationship. Many thanks to NetGalley, St. Martin's Press, and Carola Lovering for an ARC of this book! Now available as of 6.14!!**

Burke is older and more mature than any man that Skye has ever dated. He tells her that he wants her, just the way she is, forever. However, Burke is not what he says he is. A letter from his therapist reveals that he is happily married and marrying Skye is part of his deceptive game. Skye doesn’t know what is coming, so all her energies are spent planning the wedding. With every passing day, Burke’s scheme gets more twisted. Fortunately, like many situations in life, things do not go as planned. When you think you have the whole storyline figured out, the author throws a few twists that will lead you in a different direction. Let’s take a shot before, though?” Pippa said, gesturing to the Absolut. “If it’s okay with whoever’s vodka that is.” Molly meets Hunter, the perfect husband. They are struggling to conceive their second child, but she is blessed to have met a perfect father and companion. Living in a wealthy suburb, she finds it hard to connect with friends until Sabrina walks into her life. She enjoys her company. Little does Molly know Sabrina has a hidden evil agenda to accomplish. Unfortunately Harry is no longer your supervisor,” she spits. “Nor does he lead the Las Ventanas account.” While Stephen and Lucy’s connection is the narrative’s primary romance, Lucy’s relationship with her friends is arguably a love story of a different kind. What were some of your favorite examples of how Lucy’s friends supported or expressed their love for her?

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PIP: I think we’re close, but our Uber driver is confused. How do you spell Tooksberry, Luce? Tooksbury? We can’t wait to squeeze you!!!

Also, Molly doesn’t fit in with the wealthy women in the area. Teaching yoga used to be meaningful, but it was never her life goal, and now it’s become just something to do. When a woman named Sabrina walks in the studio, they become friends. Though Sabrina is wealthy and beautiful, she also seems down to earth. The key word in that sentence is “seems.” I cared about all of the characters here. All of them. Even Sabrina, the one with hidden motives, because I could also see and understand where she was coming from too. It all gets a little bit blurry, just like in real life, when you can empathize with someone even though you don't necessarily agree with the choices their making.

Do Lucy and Stephen End Up Together in "Tell Me Lies"?

In 2013, Molly and Jake, both twenty three, meet and immediately become a couple despite Jake possibly still being attached to someone else. He seems a bit fuzzy on that. But then Jake can be fuzzy about a lot of things, makes excuses, says he gets too focused on the group and "forgets". Despite really being into each other, Molly and Jake have a rough time of things, Jake may be selfish but Molly ends up letting him keep being selfish.

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