The Divine and the Cursed: A Fae Fantasy Romance: 1 (Fae of Alastríona)

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The Divine and the Cursed: A Fae Fantasy Romance: 1 (Fae of Alastríona)

The Divine and the Cursed: A Fae Fantasy Romance: 1 (Fae of Alastríona)

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I must admit I found the romance a little boring. In some ways, the dynamic and the immeasurably melodramatic love they felt for each other, reminded me a lot of Twilight's Edward and Bella with their histrionic speeches. I guess we could say it's a very emotional relationship rather, than a physical one, and while I appreciated the way it was presented, I would have liked it to be a little less intense in its telling and a little more audacious in its showing. Pretty good world building but could have used more of it. I don’t fully understand the magic system. Nor do I understand the extent of the magic. It seems like some are more powerful than others but it’s never explained why or how. Are they born more powerful? Can you train to be more powerful? Can someone have multiple powers? What are all the powers in this world? Why do some people have a animal shifting powers and other don’t?

The suspense and the tension in this book, literally had me screaming. Ugh I just, I can´t this book was just so good. I might be blinded but the story and the romance just had me in their grip, and wouldn´t let me go. However, the reason I’m rating it low is that this book is desperately in need of an editor. There were so many errors that it consistently brought me out of moments in the book. There is a scene between a villain fae and his commander that was super unnecessary and felt like not trusting the readers to connect the dots. There were some errors in the sentences and the pacing didn’t make sense. Rion, aka The Demon, is one of the sweetest and most complex male MC I have ever read! Of course, he looks intimidating and scary at first, but I loved those first moments he starts to open up and show some vulnerability. Their relationship loosely reminds me of Beauty and the Beast, because Arianna is the only one that sees beyond the monster and into his soul.

The sun illuminated the area enough for her to witness the exhilaration on Rion’s face and the Fairy Folk that played at their feet. She’ll have to make a choice. Kill the most feared male on the continent or stay and let a forbidden bond take root. But what will happen when he discovers her secret? I appreciated the choice the author made, because it's in line with his troubled past that eventually resulted in him hating being touched. The story follows our reluctant heroine, Arianna, who, though pushed to safety by her friend in the middle of a war, was captured regardless and sold into slavery. For the last year and a half, Arianna has done whatever she could to survive, including keeping herself out of the males' beds, by disguising herself as a half-breed Fae. Enter Rion, The Demon, the most ruthless, most feared male in all of Alastriona whose vile, abhorrent magic was enough to condemn him from birth, who now has her life in his hands.

Because you can hurt me in ways I’ve never been hurt. Without lifting a finger, you could shatter me completely.” So I finally finished this book. And it is no mistake in the plot, quality of writing (which is excellent), or the story why it took me so long. It's just I enjoyed this as an audiobook, which I received from the author directly, and I didn't really have a lot of time with everything going on in my life to sit down and listen to the book. I was beyond excited and ready to close myself in my bat cave so I could enjoy it, but unfortunately life had other plans so it took me 3 days to finish it! countries at war, 1 Queen in hiding” - This is the main plot of the book, but true to its name, the story is centered around Arianna and Rion, even more than the war itself, although that’s what shapes their relationship.Regarding the "spice" level, I don't require all of my books, especially fantasy reads, to be "spicy," but there are certain assumptions one comes with when there's an age-gap, enemies-to-lovers, fantasy captive romance. That said, even though I abhor a closed-door romance, an intentionally light "spice" level doesn't inherently take away from the story unless there's also a "light" amount of sexual tension and chemistry in the characters... which was unfortunately my experience with this story, especially because they fell soooo fast. From multi-award-winning author J.E. Reed comes a breathtaking new series full of love and survival. edit june 2024: I just found out this finally got a cover makeover and the new one is absolutely gorgeous! FINALLY! Trigger Warnings: War, Violence, Slavery, Torture, Death, Blood, Starvation, Kidnapping, Injury, SA (no explicit descriptions only mentioned), Loss of a Parent

Arianna goes through major character development. She goes from hiding and surviving as a slave to fighting viciously for those she loves. She learns to accept her magic and use it rather than hide it. Even when nothing major was happening, the way the descriptions were written kept me interested, and I can say with all honesty, that I never felt bored while reading the book. As I said earlier, the book has a really fast pace, so that probably helped as well. When eighteen-year-old Arianna is stolen from her family and sold into slavery, she spends months disguised as a half-breed Fae struggling against the devastations of a decade-long war. But she never expected to find herself at the mercy of her country's greatest enemy.

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This is one of the most DON'T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER books I've ever had the pleasure of reading. The story was compelling and I really thought the idea was original in lots of ways and would read a series of it. This was the first book I read from J.E Reed, but her writing captivated me so much, I promised myself I’ll read many more in the future! But please, I'm begging whoever is in charge of this stuff: give this book the pretty cover it deserves. There were also a few characters that got chapters from their perspective towards the end but once again, it would have been more helpful to include them from the start, giving the reader time to connect with them.

This was dark, twisted, addicting, magical, and romantic, all in one book that you’ll want to read cover to cover in as few sittings as possible. This takes the enemies to lovers/forbidden love trope to a whole new level. I love seeing new twists on popular tropes, and Reed kept me guessing at every turn. I was dying trying to figure out what was happening next, and whether Arianna would find her HEA. No spoilers, you’ll have to find out where she lands on your own! (And it may not be where you expect). Arianna is an amazing heroine, and you can’t help but fall in love with her, she’s strong, smart, and determined. I didn’t want to like Rion, but I’ll let you form your own opinion on him. Final note…we are getting a sequel…right?! I stumbled upon this book when scrolling through tiktok; I immediately knew I had to read this and couldn't wait to know the release date, so imagine my happiness when the author asked me if I was interested in reading an ARC of her book!The premise, world building and magic in this book are incredible! I really enjoyed all those aspects and seeing how the story unfurled! The writing and pacing I felt were good as well. She felt like every colour, constantly spinning, never settling in one place, because this feeling, this love was too strong to be confined to a single colour. It was infinite and ever-growing, and she'd never tire of it." Was there an editor involved in this? Because there are full paragraphs that should've been deleted. Welcome to the tour for the bestselling novel The Divine and the Cursed by J.E. Reed! Read on for more!

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