Brightstorm: 1 (The Brightstorm Chronicles)

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Brightstorm: 1 (The Brightstorm Chronicles)

Brightstorm: 1 (The Brightstorm Chronicles)

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Maud is a brilliant engineer. Arthur loves to read and learn and discover. Of course, the children still hold hope that perhaps their father survived the expedition south. So when they get the opportunity to go on an expedition south, they jump at the chance to fulfill a life long dream and maybe even find their father, or at the very least, find out the truth of what happened on that trip. How was the Story? MEN WANTED for hazardous journey, small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness. Safe return doubtful, honour an recognition in case of success.’

Another thing I like about this story is a character called Felicity. She has enormous feet. Her feet can predict things. It is quite silly and quite fun. He writes a number of very likable characters. The twins Arthur and Maudie Brightstorm receive the news that their father has just passed on while attempting to reach the southernmost corner of the world. With their only parent passing away, they have left orphans and come out of their comfortable life. There is an emerging genre (sub-genre?) of fiction called climate fiction (cli-fi.) It's often speculative, ranging from dystopia leaning to science fiction or fantasy leaning. Regardless of where it falls in the other genres, cli-fi books always focus on environmental damage and human's involvement in it - usually them trying to save it as well as how they've destroyed it. Twelve-year-old twins Maudie and Arthur’s world comes crashing in when their explorer dad is reported dead in his mission to get to South Polaris. Not only that, their family name is tainted when he is accused of stealing another skyship’s fuel before he died, which means they are unable to inherit their family home. Author Vashti Hardy knows a thing or two about what makes a thrilling adventure for children - that's what makes her book Brightstormsuch a rip-roaring read!Maudie and Arthur were not only orphaned and sold to a cruel family, their father and their name was disgraced. The twins know their father didn’t do what he was accused of doing and they are determined to become explorers like their father and clear his name. If you have a young reader interested in adventure, books about animals, and airships, this is a perfect book for them. This amazing book by Vashti Hardy keeps the reader engaged and hooked as you go on an epic adventure. I love the environmentalist theme of the story. I normally don’t really love political statements, but the environmental issue is near and dear to my heart. (I have a hippie mom to thank for that.) I love nature and I want my great grandchildren to enjoy it as much as I do. Anyhow, Maud and Arthur are on a ship powered by water instead of pitch. This gives them an advantage in the race south because water is a readily available resource, unlike pitch. They also visit a city that has converted to hydro and wind power instead of pitch and has experienced great success. Hmmm. A parallel to any current issue? I think so! What can we Learn from Hardy? Lontown for London (I don’t know if this is what was meant, but I couldn’t unmake this connection in my mind.)

The two end up answering an advertisement to assist a crew in new exploration, hoping to discover the truth. They escape slavery, join a ragtag crew of a Skyship captained by Harriet Culpepper, and start a journey to South Polaris to retrieve their father’s reputation and investigate what happened to their father during the expedition. With bold and bright illustrations, this book is a great way to find out about some unsung heroes and to celebrate the achievements of women around the world. 3. The Polar Bear Explorers' Club byAlex Bell, illustrated by Tomislav Tomic The female characters are intelligent and very strong, and even though Arthur is physically impaired with only one arm, he still pursues his mission. The secondary characters are phenomenal and exciting and added flavor to the story. The technology, machines, characters, inventions, magic, and wolves make the book a fascinating read.

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I've included this as my last choice because it so perfectly shows how being an 'explorer' is as much about the simple joy found in discovering the everyday outside your doorstep as it is the great feats of exploring the wider world.

Amelia Earhart was an inspiration for the character Harriet Culpepper in Brightstorm, and this book makes Earhart's story accessible to the young reader. The tale of this intrepid aviator is simply told alongside vivid illustration, and travels from her childhood dreams to her achievements and eventual disappearance.Brightstorm gives a series of unfortunate events around the world in 80 days and provides the story with a steampunk twist. The book has quirky characters, skyships, and discerning animals to give an epic and fantastic action-adventure tale. The twins are so determined to find him, and their newly discovered aunt is also in the search. Arthur, Maudie, and Harriet Culpepper doubt that the investigation is for covering something else. What might Eudora Vane be looking for in the Eastern Isles? It was equally exciting and sad. Arthur and Maudie have been my trusted companions and have grown into young adults by the end of Firesong, but I’ve loved delving into another aspect of the world. One of the thrilling thing about creating a fantasy world is that there are any number of possible stories to be told in any number of locations and points in time. It drew me in instantly as a fabulous call to adventure and I began to consider what sort of person would reply to such an advert. What if two children, a boy and a girl, replied? They would need an extremely compelling reason. Then Arthur and Maudie Brightstorm arrived in my imagination and I started building their story and the situation with their explorer father and the history of their mother. I decided on a fantasy world with similarities to our own, yet with many more places waiting to be discovered, populated by humans and creatures just as intelligent called sapients. The world of the Wide was born. He goes through many difficulties as he grieves his father and his emotional narrative plays a significant role in the story while he grows as a character. Vashti’s world-building poses questions about our own world. Can we invent power sources that do not harm the environment? Are the animals around us more intelligent than we think? Vashti Hardy’s narrative is narrated with confidence that allows her imaginative ideas to soar high.

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