The Mammoth Book of Erotic Confessions: The largest ever collection of intimate admissions by ordinary people (Mammoth Books)

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The Mammoth Book of Erotic Confessions: The largest ever collection of intimate admissions by ordinary people (Mammoth Books)

The Mammoth Book of Erotic Confessions: The largest ever collection of intimate admissions by ordinary people (Mammoth Books)

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I played stupid, turned around and moved down the ladder to where my skirt was at his face level. “Why .. what’s wrong Stan?” i was a little girl again, and this big strong man held me safely in his arms. my breast pressing tightly to him--he kissed me deeply, then began to fondle me. his scent was intoxicating, as his hands roamed freely across my body. my top was gone, and my bikini bottom was pushed to the side. his fingers invaded my private parts, and i moaned as i buried my face against his hairy chest.

Dildo's, vibrators, sometimes items or vegetables have been used to satisfy my anal fixation. yet I wanted the real thing and my husband knew it all too well.

I have been with a friend once, but it wasn't gratifying as we were drunk and she didn't reciprocate as much as I thought she would. It left me feeling weird, and maybe her too.

A few years ago I dated an artist. He treated my body and our sex like art. He. Took. His. Time. He consciously and deliberately decided which part of my body to bite or caress next. He built anticipation. He was calculated. He was artistic. And now I only want to have sex that feels like art. Anything less feels like trying to hang a connect-the-dots picture on walls of the Met.” —N.S., 39 His words and wants made me wet with desire. I lifted my skirt exposing my pussy inches from his mouth, “Do you want me?” If you’re in the mood for an indie adult short film adapted from a real life sexual confession then you’re in the right place. The award-winning XConfessions was born in 2013 as the first step of filmmaker Erika Lust’s mission to create a new wave of adult cinema.

I have fooled my female coworkers so many times and have got them to send pictures of their feet. There is skinny Indian girl in my office who leaves her footwear under her desk daily. I cum on her shoes every day after the office hours. He said, “Come on girl you know what you’re doing! And I’m loving it but I know your family. You’re making me want to do things that wouldn’t be proper.” I don’t like preachers. They spread racism; classism, and homophobia. They teach members to push gay children out of families. Yet these fat divorced preachers run around looking at porn and hitting on other people’s wives. I used to work with one. I took great pleasure into proving to people he was misquoting the Bible and a sinner. Oh I know I’m a sinner too. The next time, a few weeks later, we had sex for the only time. I knew it was very wrong, not only through fear of pregnancy as Anna was just entering puberty with nipple growth and a few pubic hairs, but at dinner later that evening, the fragrance of my semen and her juices coming out of her horrified me at the prospect of being discovered by mom that way. he reached down, and his big hands brushed my 32D breasts on their way to my waist--he lifted me like i was nothing, 147 lbs, and hugged me tight. he smelled like my father, English Leather!

we chit chatted a while, and i noticed he was seeing down my bikini top all the way to my nipples. he wasn't staring, but he had to look down, and i'm sure they were in plane view for his eyes. i blushed red as soon as i realized it. i tried to apologize, but he he put his finger to my lips to shush me, and told me, "no need to be embarrassed." It’s been over a year now and everyone has wanted to watch every time, so far. The last text I sent read, “It’s now time for the Mommy and Tommy show out by the pool, for anyone interested in watching us do it soon… Please be ready to join us in less than 5 minutes.” Stan lives alone and since then once, twice a week, I go over to his place to have sex. He’s had a vasectomy decades ago so he took my virginity with no threat of getting pregnant. We started dating "secretely" and I never told anyone. When the pool would close we would go and make out in the engine room. One thing lead to another and we started exchanging blow jobs. It was an amazing rush. He held me, kissed me deeply with the smell of me on his face. I said, Stan … I’ve made your face smell bad. He said, “Girl I’m not washing my face anytime soon.” We continued to kiss deeply.I was flying through a snowy centric airport last year. My flight got delayed and then cancelled. I am on a flight tomorrow at 4:00 PM so I immediately book a room in the airport Marriott. my heart raced, i peeked out the window of the bedroom--what had i done? my husband was not home yet, i watched and saw him in his room. he stripped for a shower, and i know he saw me. he saw me stare. it was like my forearm large... i had to stare, i was dumbfounded. My Aunt is a big fat woman in her late 40s and has very meaty feet with short toes and bulging heels. Her size is US 8. I used to sleep at her home and sneak in her room at night. She is a heavy sleeper and I used to uncover her feet and jerk off to them. I used to cum on her flip flops, sandals and flats. Once I got so horny and took my kink to extreme level. I wore her bra and panty, put on her flip flops and walked around the house. Then I went to her room and put her undergarments off in front of her sleeping and cummed on her flip flops. I was too scared to do that because I was afraid that if she woke up and saw me naked and wanking in front of her, I'll be finished. I still did that and saw her walking in her flipflops I cummed on last night. That gave me an sense of satisfaction. I have really wanted to worship her feet but was too scared to do that because I did not want to get caught. Every explicit movie you'll find here is visually arresting, goes beyond traditional gender roles and tired stereotypes. We push the boundaries of fetish, lust, desire and intimacy. Plus, every movie is accompanied by behind-the-scenes footage, on-set performer & director interviews, and exclusive photos. We’re really proud of how we make our movies and we want you to be able to see exactly how they were made. i'm married. i still want him. he watches my room, and i strip for him to see. my husband doesn't know.

If anyone doesn’t like what I say I don’t care. Who can shut me up? Oh I’ve had people try. No ones done it yet.I was a smooth 16 year old boy in the 70's and I was totally infatuatued by the lifeguard at the campground. He was 18, wore a red speedo, had hairy manly legs and a perfect happy trail on his stomach. He was tone, tan and friendly with me. Well I hung out at the pool every day as we would chat endlessly and I could not get enough of him. Before I had my son, sex with my husband was very vocal. I’m talking moaning, screaming, shouting, like something out of a dirty movie—but with love. Now that our son is old enough to start asking a lot of awkward questions about all the noise, I’ve had to tone things down. But every so often I have to let myself go. We head to the bathroom—my favorite private place in the house—and turn the faucets on full blast to mask any noises. As it turns out, the feel of warm water running down my hands has become a real turn-on.” —I.R., 43 My daughter and husband eagerly took their front row seats in tense anticipation. My son followed me out of the pool and over to the laid out towel just in front of our, “Watchers.”

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