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Modesty was young and curious; she shared Credence's secret interest in magic. Because of this shared interest, they trusted each other. When Henry Shaw Junior meanly insulted Credence, she took his hand to reassure him. Modesty often witnessed the beatings he got from their mother and comforted him. Having had enough with their mistreatment, Credence and Nagini plotted their escape from the Circus Arcanus, where both Kama and Tina Goldstein had located him. Credence managed their getaway by releasing several of the beasts and fleeing in the ensuing chaos. Credence's father, Aberforth, met his mother in the summer of 1899, meaning Credence was likely born nine months later, around spring 1900. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald - The Original Screenplay, Scene 105 sets the ship voyage to be in 1901, although Credence's adoption certificate gives the date 9 November 1904 (see this image) Though Tiernan reflected on the fact that she did the Hollywood glamour stuff like shopping, fashion, makeup, to try to get her mothers approved. Tiernan is very quiet at first, rarely talking and when she does it is with as few words as possible. She goes to the mountains for a place where she can breathe and have some space. And then this mf sons Kaleb is a walking glowing red flag. He is the worst. when he first met Terry he literally r*ped her.

Credence had an ambiguous relationship with Queenie. Both lived at Nurmengard as members of Grindelwald's Alliance. One day, Credence had a conversation with her in a room; she told him that Grindelwald regularly asked her to spy on the young man and tell him his thoughts, but she revealed to Credence that she did not tell Grindelwald everything. Later, at a dinner, Grindelwald asked Queenie to speak to Credence, as he knew that his student failed in his mission (which was to kill Albus Dumbledore). Grindelwald told Queenie that all he cared about was Credence's loyalty. In Bhutan, both Credence and Queenie ended up betraying and leaving their master. [5] Etymology [ ]Penelope Douglas is one of those authors where I always think the premise of their books sounds AMAZING but then I read them and I'm, like, virtually disappointed every time. Katee Robert is like that for me, too. I've liked some of their works, but most of the time, I read their stuff and just end up feeling seriously disappointed. Mirai wanted me to come home with her to the small, one bedroom she was certainly paid more than enough not to have to live in. But since she had always been here night and day and traveling wherever my mother went, it made more sense not to keep an apartment at all, much less rent a bigger one. I politely declined. Okay so from the very start of the book Terry is attracted to her uncle Jake. And what we can gather so does he. Because when she is a minor he nearly has sex with her. Aurelius was in the Adopted Children Register for four years before he was adopted on 21 October 1905 [1] by Mary Lou Barebone, an American No-Maj woman who led the New Salem Philanthropic Society, a hardline anti- witchcraft group. [16] At the Children Register she renamed him, Credence Barebone, raising him in New York at the Second Salem Church alongside her two other adopted children, Chastity and Modesty. Credence was the eldest of the three.

Devilishly Divine, Passionately explosive and deeply explorative of all the complexities of human relationship scenarios, she introduces the Van Der Berg men in all their manly glory. Residing up in the mountains of Chapel Peak, Colorado, they're rugged and handsome, living in seclusion. They haven't had a woman live with them for years, almost animalistic, they eat, mate and fight. Penelope Douglas is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author. Their books have been translated into nineteen languages and include The Fall Away Series, The Devil’s Night Series, and the stand-alones, Misconduct, Punk 57, Birthday Girl, Credence, and Tryst Six Venom. Please look for The Hellbent Series, coming next. As the son of Aberforth Dumbledore and a member of the Dumbledore family, Credence is naturally powerful, although for most of his life his magical abilities were suppressed due to the abuse of his adoptive mother. Unlike many Obscurials, including his aunt, Credence eventually learned how to express his natural magical abilities, proving himself to be a powerful wizard in his own right outside of his Obscurial abilities. I hear Mirai sniffle and sob quietly behind me, because she knows. She knows what I’m feeling, because she’s been here since the beginning. idk why PD insists making their female mcs underage (for at least the first part of the book) and at this point i'm too afraid to ask.You're a Squib, Credence. I could smell it off you the minute I met you... You have magical ancestry, but no power... You're unteachable. Your mother's dead. That's your reward. I'm done with you." — Gellert Grindelwald coldly dismissing Credence [src]

I don't really know how exactly to go about discussing this book as it doesn't really fit in any of the prescribed boxes (or tropes) in which we romance readers like to shove things. It could be because I listened in double speed. I’d say it was because I didn’t vibe with the narrator(s). Most of the time, I couldn’t tell the difference apart between her delivering the inner monologues and her actually reciting the dialogues. Audiobook wise, it’s 3 to 3.5 stars. Nonverbal magic: Credence demonstrated the ability to cast powerful spells without incantations with ease. [5] Sometime after finding the document he joined the Circus Arcanus, a travelling wizarding circus owned by a cruel ringmaster, Skender. Together with the whole crew, he sailed on the SS Ondine to Europe and ended settling in Paris.The summer Gellert and I fell in love, my brother fell in love as well, with a girl from the Hollow. She was sent away, there were rumours about a child. He's a Dumbledore. If I had been a better friend, to Aberforth, if I had been a better brother, he might have confided in me. Perhaps things would have been different, this boy could have been part of our lives, part of our family." — Albus Dumbledore telling Newt about Credence's rumoured birth [src] You have every right to be angry. I’m incredibly sorry that I couldn’t get a handle on how to fix the problems, but I really did try, and I will try again. In time. I haven’t given up. I know the story is there. Aurelius Dumbledore [12] [13] [5] (born c. spring 1900), [1] also known as Credence Barebone through adoption, was an English-born American half-blood [4] wizard who lived during the 20th century. He was the son of Aberforth Dumbledore and an unnamed woman. One year after his birth, he unexpectedly was taken to America with his aunt. Five years later at the Adopted Children Register, he was adopted by Mary Lou Barebone, the leader of a No-Maj anti- witchcraft group called the New Salem Philanthropic Society. Due to the repression of his magic from the amount of his abuse he endured, just like his aunt, Ariana Dumbledore, Aurelius developed a dark parasitic force known as an Obscurus and became an Obscurial twenty years into his life. While most Obscurials die before their tenth birthday, Aurelius lived into adulthood, which was previously unheard of in the wizarding world, and a testament to his incredible power. What he told you, isn't true. But we do share the same blood. You are a Dumbledore. I'm sorry for your pain. We didn't know, I promise." — Dumbledore telling Credence of his ancestry [src] Enjoy the magnificience, the power of the fall but go take a peek behind it, there's a hidden cave decorated with beautiful sentiments drawn on the walls, it's a tunnel of warmth and love.

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