Deep Cover: How I took down Britain’s most dangerous gangsters

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Deep Cover: How I took down Britain’s most dangerous gangsters

Deep Cover: How I took down Britain’s most dangerous gangsters

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American Radical: Inside the World of an Undercover Muslim FBI Agent by Tamer Elnoury and Kevin Maurer York. The body of a sex worker is found in the woods, but it's not where she died. How did she get there? And who put her there? As well as answering those questions, Geraldine Steel has another unanswered question: where has her colleague and friend Ian Peterson disappeared to? The latest brilliant instalment in the series' An excellent book. A well written story of an undercover cop diving deep into the underbelly of society to root out the dangerous criminals that threaten the fabric of society. A cliche I know, but I couldn’t put this book down and read it in a couple of days, mainly because the story really resonated with me. His description of how the pitiful upper ranks in the Police treat the the genuine hard working foot soldiers with arrogance and contempt are bang on. Most senior officers are inept, egotistical, useless pen pushers interested in only one thing…….promotion, power and money. It’s a boys club where people shoved up through the ranks engage in daily, cringeworthy ass kissing and creeping to further their power with scant regard to the cops out on the streets doing a really difficult job day in day out, taking years off their lifespans because of the shift work and stress they deal with. This is probably the most famous book about FBI undercover life, later made into a feature film starring Al Pacino and Johnny Depp. Using the alias of Donnie Brasco, FBI Special Agent Joseph D. Pistone spent six years working undercover to infiltrate the mafia. Over the years, Pistone witnessed and sometimes was forced to participate in horrific acts while gathering enough evidence to send over 200 gangsters to jail. Pistone’s case was the greatest infiltration ever by a federal agent into the mafia. During my career, I worked two long-term undercover cases, the first lasted three years and the second one four years. I can tell you from personal experience, that being away from family and friends for long periods of time is difficult and painful. Pistone spent six years of his life relocating his family from place to place for safety reasons, yet rarely spending any quality time with them. Pistone’s book is a riveting must-read. In Michael McGowan’s thirty years as an FBI agent, he worked more than 50 undercover cases. In this memoir, McGowan takes readers through some of his biggest cases in FBI history showing how the FBI always gets its man. I’m not normally a fan of nonfiction, but this memoir actually reads like fiction. The book does a great job of showing how undercover agents have to juggle not only their cases and family matters, but how they have to deal with issues stemming from adverse management. I related to McGowan’s portrayal of how management doesn’t always have the undercover agent’s best interest in mind. Management takes care of management and McGowan pulls no punches.

floor: these are the ones that die to eviscerate. They actually turn in to level 23 slime when you eviscerate, so a decent challenge at 20 unless you have above average equipment. You definitely would want to take them one at a time anyways.An enthralling and as always, addictive read that’s full of drama, almost palpable tension, double-crosses, mystery and danger that could cost lives. What I have always liked about this series is the characters and how brilliantly they have been created and their development throughout. Returning to this series is like catching up with old friends every time' This was a brilliant crime fiction book I loved the story the plot twist was amazing. The characters were excellent plenty of twist and drama. Fast paced very enjoyable read loved it' Under and Alone: The True Story of the Undercover Agent Who Infiltrated America’s Most Violent Outlaw Motorcycle Gang by William Queen Level 1: the Mutated Drones have extra stealth perception. Don't try sneaking up on them normally. Distract them - it works wonders. Ambush. Instant death. Now either vanish or sprint out to reset the other Mutated Drone. Repeat. From "Deep Cover": At 3 P.M., a shirtless Chuy admitted us to the room. A drained looking Jorge watched us from the bed. "My people want me to call the whole thing off," he said almost before the door had closed. “They think something is very suspicious. You know, DEA agents are in your hotel right now."

Roman shook his head wearily. "You know Luis, the one thing I am sure of is that you are not DEA. This whole affair is so stupid it cannot be DEA." Shay grew up on a tough Manchester council estate where drugs and gangs were rife. A life of crime would have been an easy path to take. So it went against everything that was expected of him when he joined the police. It wouldn't be long before Shay's prodigious talent caught the attention of the top. Then came the call that changed his an offer to join the secret Level 1 undercover unit known as Omega. And it was easy to see why they wanted him; he wouldn't have to stray too far from what he already knew. He had all the attributes of a professional criminal - the athletic physique of a cage fighter, the talk, the walk. Streetwise and fearless, he'd be a match for the most hardened villain. He was given a new identity, his DNA and fingerprints were removed from the national database, and so began the life of Mikey O'Brien. When I was a young FBI agent I read a book that changed my whole perception of the FBI and undercover work. This book was Donnie Brasco: My Undercover Life in the Mafia: a True Story by an FBI Agent by Joseph D. Pistone. I remember wondering what would I do if I were in agent Pistone’s shoes and faced similar situations. Pistone’s memoir is so exciting that it reads like great fiction. There are countless fiction books written about undercover agents, but there are few really good works of nonfiction. The following five books are what I consider to be the best nonfiction books about undercover life from the perspective of a retired undercover FBI agent. floor: It is fairly difficult to sneak in and ambush the elite guards, but possible to do this step solo in that fashion, run, and return to kill the 2nd guard. If duo, it is much easier to pull at range one of the guards while they're far enough a part so as not to BAF. Your partner ambushes, rinse and repeat.The story grips you right from the start, till you reach the end, not one minute is wasted. Pace was excellent, the twists and turns you don’t see coming truly blows you away' I really like the dual storyline, although I haven’t read the previous books in the series, this did not spoil my enjoyment' I got through this in just a few days as it's one of those 'one more chapter' books that finds you still awake at 2am wondering where the time has gone' During my time in the undercover program, I kept a journal hidden in the ceiling panel of my undercover apartment that contained characters, events and feelings I was dealing with on a daily basis. This journal led me to write a series of books about a female FBI undercover agent. Behind The Mask is a work of fiction but is based on my personal experiences working as an undercover agent. I wasn’t ready to say good-bye to my main character, so I wrote my second novel, Beyond The Cabin, which was released in August 2017. Beyond The Cabin is set in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, which happens to be my home. Writing has become an addiction, so the third book in the Lexie Montgomery Series, Below The Radar, comes out August 13, 2019. This book is unusual because it is loosely based on an undercover mission that I worked with a male FBI partner, who was also my boyfriend at the time. FBI management was hesitant to allow us to work together because of the rigors and stress of working undercover 24/7, but finally agreed to the operation. I’m happy to report that the case went well and we are happily married.

This time he wasn't getting up. Neither were the two young women he'd just murdered. The two unarmed young police officers he cut down in a hail of 32 bullets and the fragments of a grenade, ending their promising lives so savagely, so senselessly. I felt empty. Cold. How had it come to this?'No Angel: My Harrowing Undercover Journey to the Inner Circle of the Hells Angels by Jay Dobyns and Nils Johnson-Shelton Comment by Thottbot55x5. For those without cosmos, NW of the sludge pit in the very NE portion of the zone. Fizzule is outside the tower, to the east. Target him, shoot 2 flares, wait for him to turn green, walk closer, salute, and he'll get a yellow question mark. Level 4: Ambush takes 50% of his health away. Vanish does NOT reset him or his health (well, you have at least 3 seconds - I didn't wait longer to find out). Ambush, vanish, ambush, dead. No other hits necessary, a good dagger is not necessary, any dagger will do.

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