Mark is Spanked ‘til he is Fully ‘GAY’

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Mark is Spanked ‘til he is Fully ‘GAY’

Mark is Spanked ‘til he is Fully ‘GAY’

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Remember that itching powder you put in the kids clothes while they were in the shower?” he continued “Well we’ve got a different brand … this one is extra strong itching powder” he held up a small bag while tossing a similar bag of white powder to Sammy. It was then that all three of Jordan’s new tormentor’s produced a selection of old wooden paddles, both fraternity paddles with greek letters or old fashioned domestic paddles with quaint phrases on them. After about a year, I acquired a hairbrush for spanking his bottom, and the extra sting that produced made sure Steven was always good for me, and we are still incredibly close even today. The two strokes which followed were, let’s say, something of a blur. My bum was completely on fire by the time the punishment was over and was told: “All done – make yourself decent.”

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Jordan had no idea what was planned for the fair, but hoped he would at least be allowed to wear clothes. Meanwhile today, it was just a relief to have some cover albeit only his tiny blue speedos. Until too late Jordan had not noticed how large and muscular Bruno was, otherwise he might have been more cautious, but before he could react Dewey’s big brother had grabbed him and thrown him over his shoulder. “We are going to have some fun with you!” he growled It took a moment for the powder to take effect, and then, suddenly, Jordan became aware of the most extreme and infuriating itching sensation he had ever experienced. He struggled and writhed in extreme discomfort, desperate to pull off his speedos and try to brush the vile substance off himself, but could do nothing as his hands were tied to the beam above his head. Some people have enjoyed impact long enough to know whether they need or want the warm-up. In those cases, feel free to skip. But when you’re new to paddlings or to your partner, go slow and ease into the intensity of your kinky fun. Use Different Spanking Techniques Eventually, the crying coming from the office died down, and after a further wait Paul emerged with a tear-stained face and furiously rubbing his bottom. “He says you’re to go in now,” he said before sloping off.For a short while he was free of the sense of dread of what might befall him next, which hay have been a kindness, given what was in store for him.

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I can vividly recall my first visit to his study. Both I and a friend of mine, Paul Jennings [all names have been changed – Ed] both got a demerit in the same lesson for constantly not paying attention. Both of us had been sitting on three demerits – and now the time for sitting had come to an end! To my relief, in the morning we not only had a chastened boy but actually a very kind and obedient one. Steven came straight up to me in the kitchen and hugged my legs, saying: “I’m sorry, Mommy.” It was the first time he had called me that, and I felt very close to him all of a sudden. I married Jason in the mid 80s, and at the time his son Steven had just turned five years old. Jason’s ex had a big drug problem so he had had custody of the boy since they broke up, when Steven was just two.Every spankee likes and wants something different so there’s room for experimentation here. But in general, you’ll want to vary the techniques you use with your paddle. When Jordan objected, a further strip of tape was placed over his mouth, effectively silencing him. Bent over: This can be bent over a bed or another piece of furniture. This position pushes the glute muscles “forward” and can make for a more intense experience. If using a bed or furniture, the bottom can support their body. If bent over with no support, the position becomes an extra challenge during your scene. When I was seven years old, I was sent away to board at a private preparatory (prep) school for boys in the south of England – this was in the 1970s and corporal punishment was still available for errant schoolboys.

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