Ceramic Smoking Pipe - Black Pistol Bong - Gun Shaped Tobacco Pipe - Including 5 Gauzes/Pipe Screens

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Ceramic Smoking Pipe - Black Pistol Bong - Gun Shaped Tobacco Pipe - Including 5 Gauzes/Pipe Screens

Ceramic Smoking Pipe - Black Pistol Bong - Gun Shaped Tobacco Pipe - Including 5 Gauzes/Pipe Screens

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Need a travel-friendly bong to use while on the road? Mini bongs are where it’s at, and with so many different designs you will find a reason to grab at least one since they are too cute to pass up! Asif Kapadia (director, ‘Amy’): I had never heard of A24. And [my producer] kept saying it, and I kept thinking, Okay, at some point I’ll figure out what he’s talking about. I liked the fact that they had never made a doc. Katz: Tuesday morning, I remember, we had a little whiskey for him. We’d be like, “Heavey, just make sure he’s alive and you can get him to communicate.”

David Fenkel (co-founder, A24): We find movies [for which] our perspective, our system, our people, can act to make it something special. If it’s gonna be released the same way by another company, we usually don’t go after it. Bong size - The size of a water pipe only matters when it comes to the user, because it truly depends on how and where the bong will be put to use. If you are an avid road tripper and need a durable bong that doesn’t take up too much space in your weekender bag, a travel-friendly water bong will be the top priority when searching for a bong online. On the other hand, take the homebody that wants to have monster sessions or a statement piece, these customers should be focused on big bongs or heady glass bongs of that sort since aesthetic and performance are important factors. For a hard-hitting and portable bubbler, this Pistol Water Pipe is the way to go. The glass bubbler has a gorgeous, crystalline look with a transparent body. It’s effortlessly elegant, with beautifully molded details and a shimmering style. The glass bubbler is perfect for a classy smoker who wants to feel like a spy whenever they break this shooter out. With secret-agent vibes, it’ll make any smoke session into a thrilling mission. After answering these pertinent questions, you can start to get an idea of the kind of water bong that is best for you. Let’s break it down a little further so you can fully understand all of your options. Showing you just how easy it is to buy a bong online, you can start to build your bong collection once you are equipped with the correct information and know what’s right for you!The mouthpiece, for obvious reasons, is where you put your mouth and start to slowly inhale when lighting the bong bowl. A mouthpiece can range in size, but most prefer a larger mouthpiece to inhale bigger hits and more comfortably. A mouthpiece can go straight up and down like a tube but with a slightly rimmed finish, or it can be curved which makes bong rips much easier to inhale. Percolators There are many reasons for choosing a Beaker Bong. Firstly, they look great! They’re a design classic and will make a stylish addition to any house. What’s more, Beaker Bongs do a fantastic job of filtering smoke thanks to the larger chamber which can hold more water. This provides a much more smooth and pleasant smoking experience and insane rips! What are the benefits of Beaker Bongs? Kapadia: They’ve won Best Picture. You know, they’re big-time. You look at the underdog story, I think that’s not by accident. When it happens again and again, that’s very, very intelligent work and planning. And I think that’s the main thing, I’d say. They’re super-smart people. Experience the wild west in a whole new way with the Cattleman Revolver Gun Bong. Crafted from vibrant green glass, this bong captures the essence of the Old West with its unique cattleman revolver shape. Standing at a height of 12 inches, this bong commands attention with its impressive size. The hand-hold base adds stability and convenience, allowing for comfortable handling during your smoking sessions.

Nicolette Aizenberg (distribution executive, A24): It is very cyclical. Miramax, they were a huge deal, and also Fox Searchlight. They came on strong in the late 90s, really. So that was like their heyday. Not heyday. I don’t mean it that way. But more independent existed then. And then, in ’08, the bubble burst, and the economic downturn probably had a little bit of impact. And then it was consolidation. And yeah, I just think that it takes—it doesn’t happen that often that a new studio starts. Garland: I would say that if Ex Machina had been distributed by a big studio—this isn’t actually a criticism of studios; it’s actually just a statement of fact—the film would not have been remotely as well received or successful as it was. Garland: Under the Skin is exactly the kind of movie that you would not see distributed by a major studio. It’d be very unlikely for that to happen. Moonlight’ is nominated for eight Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Supporting Actor, but loses Best Picture to ‘La La Land’—wait, what? Really?Kleiner: They had the movie, I want to say, 22, 23 weeks in theatrical release? That’s very unusual. Noah Sacco (head of acquisitions and production, A24): I think some of our biggest movies had no stars in them at the time of release— Ex Machina, Moonlight, The Witch, Room, The Spectacular Now. Coppola: That was the worst. He was calling me. The whole thing was really intense. I felt bad that David had to be put through that. I think he was in Hawaii on his honeymoon or something while it was all going down, so I felt terrible. I’m glad it all worked out. Aizenberg: There was a week in January where we dropped the trailer of Spring Breakers. It was our first Sundance all together. We closed the deal on The Bling Ring on the way to Sundance. Ceramic is an old-school material that is tried and true in consistent quality performance and top of the line aesthetic. The art of pottery making has been around for thousands of years, so imagine how good us smokers have gotten at perfecting the bong making process? Beaker bongs

Beaker Bongs can be very basic or more sophisticated in design with a range of add-ons and accessories. Within our range, you’ll discover classic Beaker Bongs as well as spectacular showpieces incorporating ash catchers, ice catchers,and all manner of percolators. Drawing inspiration from the characteristics of a sniper rifle, the bong showcases a carefully designed zig-zag-shaped process. This design element not only adds to its visual appeal but also enhances the smoking experience by creating an additional surface area for the smoke to travel through, resulting in a smoother and more satisfying hit. So it was strange, if you were a moviegoer in 2013, to see the A24 logo pop up again and again before movies as varied and weird as Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers and Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring, James Ponsoldt’s The Spectacular Now and Roman Coppola’s A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III. It wasn’t just that, for a new distribution company, it seemed to have a level of taste and an instinct for cool that is atypical in Hollywood. It was also that A24 was releasing these films not with a sigh and a shrug, but with panache, style, and humor: bright neon colors, guerrilla marketing tactics, and in the case of James Franco’s Britney Spears-loving gangster character from Spring Breakers, an actual Oscar campaign. The company, improbably, was based in New York, not Los Angeles. Its trio of founders—Daniel Katz, David Fenkel, and John Hodges, who’d known each other through years of work in New York’s indie movie circuit—rarely granted interviews. If you were paying attention, you had to wonder: Who were these strange upstart New Yorkers who were making Hollywood a little bit great again?Standing tall at 9", the attention to detail is evident in the intricate skull and snake design on the handle, adding a touch of mystique and personality to the overall aesthetic. What sets this bong apart is its convenience and versatility. It comes ready to use with a metal bowl, downstem, and rubber grommet, so you can start enjoying your smoking sessions right away. The thoughtful design ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience. Beaker Bongs are named because of their shape which resembles the kind of container you would expect to see in a science lab, or an Erlenmeyer flask to be more precise! But their shape is more than just cosmetic - Beaker Base Bongs are so designed for high performance and functionality. Aizenberg: I was at the Q&As at the ArcLight [in Los Angeles], and I remember taking a picture of the screen, and then all of a sudden it was like every screen at the ArcLight: Spring Breakers, Spring Breakers, Spring Breakers. And it was like… Like the terminator, a percolator’s mission is to protect you and a perc will do that by filtering each hit and eliminating any contaminants that you should not be consuming. Who wants to take a large bong rip of resin, dirty bong water and burnt herbs? Without a percolator, some users can feel like they are not getting enough filtration so it is a must-have for those that want the highest quality bong hits. A percolator’s job is to provide filtration and deliver a smooth smoking experience, which is why percolator bongs are considered to be some of the smoothest water pipes around. A percolator is only there to enhance a bong user’s smoke experience, and the more the merrier! The fun part with percolators is there are so many types to choose from and each puts on its own water magic show, especially when paired with a translucent glass so users can watch the magic unfold. Male vs. female bongs Heat stable borosilicate glass is one of the most widely used bong types and is the top recommended material to smoke out of in terms of health and quality performance. Smoking out of glass allows for a clear smoke stream and users are not inhaling any toxins or chemicals from the glass material. Glass water bongs have a ton of compatible accessories, come in various sizes and designs and can be found easily. Glass material also adds a sense of sophistication so it can double as decoration around the home, just gotta keep it nice and clean!

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