Health Happiness Harmony: Regain Life's Balances

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Health Happiness Harmony: Regain Life's Balances

Health Happiness Harmony: Regain Life's Balances

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Written-In Absence: Although credited, Alexis Denisof doesn't appear in this episode, ostensibly due to Wesley being given leave of absence following the events of " Lineage" — actually because of Denisof's wedding to Alyson Hannigan at the time of filming. This is the only episode from which Wesley is absent following his appearance in Season One's " Parting Gifts". Interact and converse with some of the leading SaaS founders driving the way forward for the ecosystem in India

Tools and services JPost Premium Ulpan Online JPost Newsletter Our Magazines Learn Hebrew RSS feed Archive Digital Library Lists of Jewish holidays Law This one is unusual in that Joss Whedon probably knew about this months in advance, enough time to not only set up the reason for Wesley's absence, but write an episode that would not have worked if Wesley had been present - a major plot point was that the Substitute Expert was evil, and deliberately mistranslated a text, where Wesley would have given a faithful translation. Interrupted Intimacy: William grins as he walks in on Angelus enthusiastically coupling with Dar...Drusilla? Brief Accent Imitation: A trace of 19th century Angelus's Irish accent comes out when Angel says, "I didn't make you, Spike. I just opened up the door." The center is staffed and provides answers on Sundays through Thursdays between 07:00 AM and 14:00 PM and Fridays only handles distribution requests between 7:00 AM and 12:30 PM

Given Wesley's absence, this is the only episode of the series not to feature any of the members of Angel Investigations from the first season with the exception of Angel himself. McLaren, Scott, "The Evolution of Joss Whedon’s Vampire Mythology and the Ontology of the Soul", Slayage , , retrieved 9/10/2007

Nancy Holder says this episode marks the transition from Spike's characterization as it was in the seventh season of Buffy to a new, "never-before seen" version, defined by his relationship with Angel instead of Buffy. When Angel tells Spike that "Buffy never really loved you, because you weren't me", and Spike responds with "Guess that means she was thinking about you all those time I was puttin' it to her", Holder says that Spike is "betraying all the soft emotion he had for her in his eagerness to deal Angel a blow." Rather than reacting out of love for Buffy, the new Spike cares only about putting down Angel. [4 ] I express my heartfelt gratitude to all the respected individuals who supported this momentous event. Your encouragement and belief in my work mean the world to me. Innocently Insensitive: " Innocent" is probably the wrong term to describe Drusilla, but she seems genuinely oblivious to the fact that her having sex with Angelus causes William considerable anguish. Press and hold the Menu button (located above the Channel Up button) and the Off button together for 20seconds.Remove the disharmony, and we regain harmony between soul and mind, and the body is once more perfect in all its parts." In the season retrospective, Joss Whedon says the battle between Angel and Spike in this episode is the highlight of the final season. [2 ] That battle, Scott McLaren argues, "succeeds in portraying an almost perfect balance between the concepts of the soul as existential metaphor and ontological reality." Since the Shanshu prophesy destines the ensouled vampire to a pivotal and dangerous role in the ultimate battle between good and evil, Spike and Angel's souls function both as "heavy burdens and precious baubles." [3 ]

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