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Jet Storm (also known as Jet Stream or Killing Urge) is a 1959 British thriller film directed and co-written by Cy Endfield. Richard Attenborough stars with Stanley Baker, Hermione Baddeley and Diane Cilento. The film is a precursor to the later aviation disaster film genre such as Airport (1970). [1] Plot [ edit ] The cold conveyor brings its cold air from higher in the atmosphere and from being in a cold air mass. Sometimes it has help from rain and snow as they fall into it and evaporate. This change from liquid to gas requires heat, which is removed from the conveyor, cooling it further. Now we have even colder air falling along the conveyor, speeding up as it does so, like a rollercoaster taking the first drop. In the Time Out review, John Pym saw Jet Storm as, "A British prototype for the Airport disaster movies of the '60s and '70s." He went on to note, "... like its later supersonic counterparts, Endfield's film is naive and contrived, but not without interest as the alarmed passengers soon divide into groups: reactionary (advocating torture) and liberal (patience and persuasion)." [3] Among the passengers are the usual suspects, harassed parents, a jet setting pop star, a TV comedian (Harry Secombe), sensible elderly citizen, people with secrets etc. Among the latter is Ernest Tilley (Richard Attenborough) a rather worried looking man, traveling with his caring wife (Mai Zetterling). He is a man on a mission - he has followed a man on board who he believes is responsible for killing his little girl in a hit and run. He is bitter at the world and has had a vendetta against this man for two years. He has bought on board a device that he intends to use to blow up the plane but his ramblings are heard by two other passengers and they alert the Captain.

Sting jets aredifficult to forecast because of their relatively small size, and the way each individual low-pressure system develops. However, there are tell-tale signs in weather models that are now able to spot cores of very strong winds. Regardless, with gusts of wind exceeding 100 mph there is clearly still the risk of damage. The Great Storm of 1987 was a perfect example of this. How does a sting jetform?

The Met Office has warned of "prolonged" power cuts, uprooted trees, damage to buildings and homes and "significant" travel disruption. The film was released in 1959; the only passenger jet aircraft flying for most of the previous three years had been the Tu104. Both the Boeing 707 and the DH Comet IV had been flying transatlantic since October 1958, but portraying either type in a disaster movie would have been a political hot potato; effectively the US and UK aircraft industries were busy duking it out for the long haul jet aircraft market. Choosing the Tu104 to represent a fictional type flying the equally fictional 'Atlantic Queen' service was a neat way out of any controversy that might so be caused. This mold was redecoed into the BotCon 2002 exclusive Cyclonus. It was also planned for a Universe redeco of unknown name (see below). They are rare and were only formally recognised when one occurred during the Great Storm of October 1987 - when wind speeds reached 115mph and millions of trees were brought down.

It was surprising to see the obviously suited Canadian married couple of Barbara Kelly (who I had only ever seen in the 1950s TV panel game "What's My Line") and her husband Bernard Braden (tv's "The Braden Beat"), acting together as a divorcing couple.Stanley Baker keeps impeccably calm as the airliner captain and there is a rather touching romance between Virginia Maskell and the American co-pilot.The "Brummy" actor who plays the hit-and run driver played a very similar role in "The Night My Number Came Up" with Sir Michael Redgrave.I had never seen Marty Wilde in a film acting role, of course playing a pop star, and noted he composed the opening popular theme music. Close to the two fronts we see focused streams of air called conveyor belts, which run up into the atmosphere. Jet streams can be spotted by satellites when the end of the cold conveyor belt - a strong stream of cold air- forms a hook-shaped cloud that resembles the sting of a scorpion's tail. Britons have been urged to stay home today with forecasters warning wind speeds could break records.

Forecasting sting jets

He told viewers that the storm was the ultimate test of pilots’ abilities: “They’ve been through all these scenarios in the simulators. British Airways train their pilots hard and they do try their best to simulate these conditions. But it’s like anything simulated: you’re all in a nice clean, stable environment and you can have a cup of coffee with you. In Primax 208.06 Zeta, Megatron similarly created Jetstorm, commander of the Aero drones, from the spark of Silverbolt, a free agent who had been captured by Waspscream's crew. Waspscream and his crew, however, ended up liberating Silverbolt from servitude as Jetstorm. Ask Vector Prime, 2015/08/16 Legends World Computer models have hinted at the chance of a sting jet as Storm Eunice crosses the UK, but even if the rare weather event doesn't happen, the winds from Eunice are set to be extremely dangerous and damaging. Disruption will likely involve travel delays, loss of electricity and water supplies, and minor damage to buildings.

In the show, Jetstorm has no feet and never walks. He only touches the ground when he is prone/disabled.

How does a sting jet form?

Thrust would refer to Silverbolt as "Jetstorm" from this point on, bitter and viewing the Maximal as Jetstorm having turned traitor. Close to the fronts there tends to be more focused streams of warm and cold air that run parallel to them. They are known as conveyor belts; the warm conveyor rises and the cold conveyor falls. These wrap around the area of low pressure and help develop it by feeding warm air and moisture into the system. These are colour-coded yellow, amber and red to reflect both how likely the extreme weather is and how badly it could impact people.

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