Nerf Hyper Rush-40 Pump-Action Blaster and 30 Nerf Hyper Rounds, 110 FPS Velocity, Easy Reload, 40-Round Capacity

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Nerf Hyper Rush-40 Pump-Action Blaster and 30 Nerf Hyper Rounds, 110 FPS Velocity, Easy Reload, 40-Round Capacity

Nerf Hyper Rush-40 Pump-Action Blaster and 30 Nerf Hyper Rounds, 110 FPS Velocity, Easy Reload, 40-Round Capacity

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TO AVOID EYE INJURY:WARNING: Do not aim at eyes or face. Use of eyewear required for players and people within range. Use only official Hyper rounds. Other rounds may not be safe. Do not modify rounds or blaster. Ages 14 and up. Nerf Elite: Bog-standard Nerf darts. They're compatible with almost everything that isn't an Ultra, Hyper, or Rival blaster.

The Mach-100, in my testing, averaged 108fps, just shy of the advertised 110fps. However, this was on single shots; fully automatic fire bogs down the flywheel motors quite a bit. Rate of fire, meanwhile, averaged between 3 and 4 balls per second, depending on how well the ammo feeds. You get inconsistent spurts of heavy fire, followed by gaps. The Mach-100 is a battery-powered and full-auto beast that can unload rounds at a whopping 110 FPS! This blaster also includes two Picatinny rails on top that can be fitted with any tactical attachments of your choice. Picatinny rails are military standard and used in airsoft and paintball, so your only limitation is your imagination! With so much crammed into one blaster, the Select is surprisingly light – coming in at 4.24 pounds but if you wanted extra support there are 5 sling points located around the blaster to help spread the burden. If you want to add even more, there is even a tactical rail for you to throw on some attachments. The NERF Ultra Select is the the first full-automatic ULTRA NERF gun– combining the phenomenal firing distance of the Ultra series with the max-terror only inspired by full-auto carnage.

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Looking to absolutely obliterate your rivals? The NERF Ultra Speed is a foam-dart death machine. With a fire rate of 7 darts per second combined with 24 NERF AccuStrike Ultra darts, the Ultra Speed will have your enemies left in the dust before they even know you were there. One of the main attractions of the MEGA Mastodon is its massive dart capacity. Thanks to the inclusion of a 24-dart rotating drum, the Mastodon is one of the highest capacity guns on the market. NERF HYPER ROUNDS AND LARGE HOPPER WITH 100-ROUND CAPACITY: Blaster comes with 80 Nerf Hyper rounds. Large, easy-load hopper can hold up to 100 rounds (additional rounds sold separately) Accuracy, however, is fairly low outside of close range. This blaster has no hop-up to speak of, just straight ribs in the muzzle to keep the ball exiting straight. As a result, rounds can go left or right, dive early, or travel straight. There isn’t much control over what kind of shot you’ll get, aside from firing even more.

In a wonderful nod to making blasters look good, the Rush-40 actually has a consistent paint scheme on both sides of the blaster. That, along with the “carbon fiber” mold, makes for a good looking blaster that could have come out of a 90s laser tag arena. ( Indeed, as one reviewer noticed, the ammo even glows under UV light)

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The NERF Ultra Speed blaster also comes with 24 NERF AccuStrike Ultra darts, meaning you can bring two full clips onto the field with you. It almost feels unfair that this blaster not only fires darts at a rapid pace but as these are Ultra AccuStrikes it is also deadly accurate! There are many power options with mostly come down to the choice of spring. There is one combo option at Frontline Foam that combines two springs with a 14″ Bras/Alu barrel to achieve up to 300 FPS!

The Caliburn is a spring-powered, pump-action, and magazine-fed blaster that is compatible with any N-Strike and Dart Zone magazines—including half-length dart mags and adapters. As a semi-auto you’ll need to pull the trigger for each shot but as an eagle-eyed gunslinger, you don’t need hundreds of darts to defeat your enemies, do you? Loading this blaster will take some time as each of the 24 dart slots must be manually loaded at the front of the blaster – one at a time. It feeds rounds very smoothly and utilizes a mechanical agitator to help break up any clumps and keep the rounds flowing, however just like all hopper-fed blasters, you’ll still need to occasionally shake it while firing.

Performance In Testing

REVOLUTIONARY NERF HYPER SYSTEM: Featuring Nerf Hyper rounds with an innovative design and material for unparalled performance to maximize capacity and speed Because these blasters are custom printed, you can select from a variety of colors as well as differing spring strengths which will affect the power of the blaster—the K26 being the most powerful spring. The Mastodon is an extremely fun blaster and its large size certainly makes it intimidating, but all that size adds to the weight. Hasbro has included a shoulder strap to make your life a little easier, but it may be difficult sprinting around the field with this blaster. The initial velocity of a round is typically determined by the type of firing mechanism being used. Each of the blasters listed above utilized either a spring-powered system or a battery-powered fly-wheel (similar to a baseball pitching machine). Spring-Powered

Just sitting outside with a chronograph, the 40 averaged 116fps, above the box target of 110fps. My sample blaster fired at those speeds quite consistently, as well. On that note, the rate of fire is decent for a pistol, with two shots per second well within the blaster’s capabilities. Casual testing only resulted in the occasional dry fire from a ball not loading. War Performance Similar to our previous blaster—the Nexus Pro—it includes two different 15-round magazines for both full-length and half-length darts, as well as a half-length magazine adapter. Seeing the shell without the battery tray, one does wonder how the blaster would look with that section completely removed… Final OpinionThe Hyper series is a relatively new type of blaster that fire Hyper Rounds, which are small balls made of soft rubber—similar to the Nerf Rival Series. But don’t worry, they don’t necessarily hurt, but you’ll definitely feel them more than typically Nerf rounds. Ambidextrous at its core, the Kirin enables both right and left-handed operation. Easily swap the dominant hand set up with just three takedown pins. The skeletonized bolt handle enables rapid cycling during intense Nerf wars. Shells eject out the side with each shot for an awesome level of realism. In addition, the spin-up time on the flywheels is awful. Having to press the rev trigger three seconds before you want to fire is far from ideal.

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