NIVEA SUN After Sun Bronze Lotion (200 ml), Combination Tan Prolonger and After Sun Care, Tan Prolonging Hydrating Moisturiser with 24 Hour Effectiveness

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NIVEA SUN After Sun Bronze Lotion (200 ml), Combination Tan Prolonger and After Sun Care, Tan Prolonging Hydrating Moisturiser with 24 Hour Effectiveness

NIVEA SUN After Sun Bronze Lotion (200 ml), Combination Tan Prolonger and After Sun Care, Tan Prolonging Hydrating Moisturiser with 24 Hour Effectiveness

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NIVEA SUN also offers sun care products for skin types with special requirements. For sensitive skin, we recommend the NIVEA SUN Protect & Sensitive Sun Lotion. Can an after sun lotion help me keep my suntan longer? Yes, the care and moisture an after sun product provide results in a longer-lasting suntan. This is because dry skin sheds its cells faster, thereby losing its tan. Consistent application of an after sun product combats this. It's always been a worldwide wish to use a reliable sun protection product during sun exposure without having to miss out on a beautiful, natural tan. With NIVEA SUN Protect & Bronze, this is now possible. Thanks to the Pro Melanin extract in the formula, the skin cells´ melanin production is activated significantly, while the skin is protected from UVA/UVB rays. Finally, reliable sun protection and a beautiful tan can work together!

NIVEA SUN Intense Bronze Sunscreen for golden and lasting tan - NIVEA SUN Intense Bronze

Even the most vigilant suncream users can fall prey to sunburn, which is why a good after sun lotion is essential for travelling. But the best after sun lotion doesn’t just soothe the skin, it also helps to repair and replenish the skin barrier for the ultimate nourishment and rejuvenation. “It cannot, however, reverse the skin damage that has happened as a result of excessive sun exposure,” warns Dr Malvina Cunningham, consultant dermatologist at Skin + Me, “No treatment can, and this is why it is so important to protect your skin from sunburns in the first place through sun avoidance, wearing protective clothing and liberal suncream.” Does after sun actually work? As the body's largest organ, the skin has many important functions. It forms a barrier between our body and the outside world and protects us against damaging influences, such as an excess of harmful UVA & UVB rays. NIVEA Sun Lotion with different SPFs provide the key sun lotion protection necessary, whilst supporting the skin's functions. The sun protection lotions are expertly formulated to help shield skin from any sun exposure, with the sun protection lotion keeping skin safe whilst avoiding skin looking greasy. The sun is a true elixir of life for us. Sunlight stimulates the production of endorphins, the so-called feel-good hormones, which is why we often feel so happy and euphoric in the summer. The immune system and circulation also benefit from them. Sunlight causes melanin to be formed, which protects the skin by making it darker. Sun lotion, sun spray and sunscreen therefore have a high sun protection factor for lighter and sensitive skin types, because they have very little of their own protection against the sun. Therefore, ensure any time spent in the sun is accompanied by a sun protection lotion! While moisturiser can help protect sunburnt skin from further water loss, dryness and irritation, according to Dr Alexis Granite, consultant dermatologist at CeraVe, after sun products are more effective as they contain calming ingredients. “After sun formulations also tend to be lighter with a high water content to avoid trapping heat from sunburn and worsening discomfort,” she says. What’s better: after sun or aloe vera? We aim to make everyone feel better in their skin every day. What began in 1911 as NIVEA Creme is today a huge brand family with over 500 products. Over the decades, NIVEA has developed many innovative skincare products, and the innovations keep coming! Past, present and future – when it comes to skincare, NIVEA always sets new standards.After sun products are skincare products that have been formulated to soothe sunburnt skin, relieve pain and reduce inflammation. They come in a variety of different formulas, from gels and creams to sprays and lotions. They often contain additional ingredients to moisturise and rehydrate the skin. “Carefully formulated after sun products can reduce redness, peeling, dryness and sensitivity after the skin has been exposed to ultraviolet radiation,” says consultant dermatologist, Dr Anjali Mahto. “Whilst they can’t reverse DNA damage (which is essentially what sunburn is), they can provide symptomatic relief and improve the look and feel of the skin.” Is after sun better than moisturiser? NIVEA SUN Protect & Bronze has two desirable effects: first of all, it protects the skin from harmful UV rays, but it also activates the individual, natural tanning process – without being a self-tanner. NIVEA SUN Protect & Bronze cleverly unites sun protection and long-lasting tanning. When the skin is exposed to UV rays, it starts a protective mechanism by naturally producing the brown pigment called melanin. Melanin gives the skin its colour and is a natural protective shield for the cell. Getting a tan is actually part of the skin´s protection mechanism. NIVEA SUN has integrated an active ingredient that activates this simple yet brilliant natural skin mechanism. The key ingredient of the unique NIVEA SUN Protect & Bronze range is the Pro Melanin extract, which significantly activates the skin’s melanin production within your skin. Even after sunbathing, the natural melanin production remains activated. NIVEA SUN Protect & Bronze products support the skin’s natural ability to develop its long-lasting tan, while providing reliable skin protection. NIVEA Protect & Bronze range ensures you are equipped with a sunscreen that will provide effective protection against UVA / UVB. Our sun creams are expertly formulated to ensure skin is left feeling light and non-greasy, but protected and hydrated. The Protect & Bronze tan activating oils and sun lotions come in factors 20 and 30 so you can find the right SPF for your skin's needs. And for an easy sun protection application, we have a range of spray on sunscreens, such as our Protect & Bronze Tan Activating Sun Spray SPF30.

Moisturising After Sun Lotion 200ml | Sun Care | NIVEA Moisturising After Sun Lotion 200ml | Sun Care | NIVEA

After a long day under the summer sun, the skin needs all the support it can get. UV radiation places a burden on the skin and dries it out, which we experience as tautness and a burning sensation – NIVEA After Sun care products provide immediate help and relief. The ingredients and specially developed care formulas are ideal for sensitive skin, helping restore the skin’s natural protective barrier and assisting with regeneration and relaxation as part of your after sun care regime. The light, cooling texture allows for gentle and effective application of the after sun products, which is particularly important for irritated and sensitive skin. In addition to using NIVEA’s After Sun care products, there is even more you can do for your skin after sun exposure: Take a break in the shade and then rinse the skin of sun lotion and sand, salt or chlorine under a lukewarm shower. Simply lightly pat the skin dry with a towel and avoid rubbing too vigorously. Sunlight does not only affect the skin, it also stresses your hair when it is in need of extra gentle care. An extra rich shampoo or a hair treatment will provide your hair, stressed from sun exposure, with long-lasting care and keep it soft and healthy. Aloe vera is a great natural product that can soothe sun-damaged skin,” says Dr Cunningham. And in fact, most after sun products contain aloe vera in them. “It’s not so much about one being better than the other,” adds Dr Mahto, “but finding a product which can maximise the benefits of both.” What is the best after sun to use? Over 100 years ago, we invented modern skincare with NIVEA Creme. Today, millions of people all over the world, with every skin type, rely on the NIVEA brand. Whether you have normal skin, sensitive skin, or dry skin, NIVEA has products to suit your needs. Our researchers work extensively with different skin types and the different care requirements brought about by culture, gender and age. Thanks to this approach, we have developed numerous innovative skincare products over the past few decades – from deodorants to sunscreen products. We work with over 50 institutions around the world to ensure that our products are suitable for your skin.

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