Blagdon Clear Pond Water Treatment, Clears Dirty Green or Brown Cloudy Water Quickly, Natural, Wildlife Safe, Harmless to Fish and Filter Bacteria, 1L, Treats 20,000 Litres of Water

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Blagdon Clear Pond Water Treatment, Clears Dirty Green or Brown Cloudy Water Quickly, Natural, Wildlife Safe, Harmless to Fish and Filter Bacteria, 1L, Treats 20,000 Litres of Water

Blagdon Clear Pond Water Treatment, Clears Dirty Green or Brown Cloudy Water Quickly, Natural, Wildlife Safe, Harmless to Fish and Filter Bacteria, 1L, Treats 20,000 Litres of Water

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Plants add valuable habitats for wildlife and enhance the beauty of a pond – keep them looking their best with these simple steps.

Why do ponds form algae and get blanket weed? How are the Hydra products used? Use the resources below to find out everything you need to know.A cookie set by YouTube to measure bandwidth that determines whether the user gets the new or old player interface. Although UV clarifiers can remove green-swimming algae very effectively, they will have no effect on the growth of larger types of algae, such as string algae and blanketweed. As well as this, for those of you wanting to save money on your electricity bill, running a UV Clarifier 24/7 likely isn’t the most viable option. Barley straw extract isn’t designed to remove an algae bloom already present, and it should never be used for this purpose as it can make conditions worse. However, it’s a very effective long-term deterrent, and can be added after an algae bloom has been treated with other methods (UV clarifier) to prevent the re-growth of algae in future. Since the mechanism of action requires decomposition to occur, monitoring water quality closely and providing plenty of aeration is important when using barley in ponds. Top up ponds with fish if the water level drops significantly. Evaporation in hot or windy weather can reduce oxygenation, causing problems for fish. Ideally use rainwater from a butt, as the nutrients in tap water encourage algae. If you must use mains water, warm it in the sun first and add in small quantities, to avoid a sudden temperature drop. Topping up isn’t usually necessary if there are no fish – most wildlifewill cope with fluctuating water levels. If the pond liner becomes visible, consider adding a stone-covered liner or allowing pond-side plants to grow over the edge, to help disguise the exposed liner and protect it from sunlight

Return the saved silt and any saved pond water. Next, refill with pond (using rainwater if possible), positioning the pond plants as you go – see our guide to planting aquatics Before you use Hydra Crystal, please read our article Hydra Crystal for Beginners. We believe this information will help you have a successful experience clearing your green pond water with Hydra Crystal. In this guide, I’ll give you all the details of how to clear pond water, and keep it clear safely, without harming your fish or plants! Help! What’s Growing In My Small Garden Pond?Envii Pond Klear contains millions of beneficial bacteria that target the microscopic algae and nutrients in the pond. They clump them together and sink them to the bottom of the pond where they can be removed via the pump and filter or digested by the bacteria. As this is a natural process, it can take up to 8 weeks to clear badly affected ponds. Hydra Quartz eliminates string algae and slime by starving the weed and inhibiting recurrence for extended periods. Barley is a widely used cereal grain found in many commercial food products across the world, as well as being a major component of many popular beer beverages. Surprisingly, barley straw has also been used for centuries as a natural algae deterrent in fresh bodies of water, including wells, lakes, and ponds. Barley by itself cannot stop algae from growing, but can produce potent substances during decomposition which work as natural algaecides. After placing barley in your pond it will slowly become waterlogged and sink to the bottom with the rest of your bottom sludge. As it slowly decomposes it will begin to release humic acid into the surrounding water; a natural product of the decomposition of certain organic material. As the humic acid enters the pond it reacts with both oxygen and sunlight, forming a super-oxide radical which leads to hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful algae killer, and is produced in a low enough volume from barley straw to be safe for the ecosystem, but still remain a highly effective algae deterrent. Why use it? Making sure your fish are happy, and your pond water healthy is always important - but have you ever found that, no matter how hard you try, your pond treatments don't seem to make any difference to that green tinge to your water? Keep the water well oxygenated in hot, humid weather,especially if you have fish, by running a bubble fountain or similar. Solar-powered fountains are readily available. This can also help to deter blue-green algae

A pond skimmer can also be used as type of mechanical prefilter, again trapping waste before its broken down. Add some carbonAdd new plants, if you wish, from mid-spring to early summer, when the water is warming up – they should settle in well and grow rapidly. See our guide to planting aquaticsand our planting wildlife ponds video Here are the AllPondSolutions top tips for keeping your pond water crystal clear! What Causes Pond Water to Turn Green? Activated by water it immediately starts to electrically charge individual algae cells so that they clump together, they now float to the top of the pond where they can be skimmed off by lining a net with a cloth or by using a pond skimmer.

A pond UV steriliser is a great option - combined with good performance pond filters and pond pumps; you can prevent algae build up and make sure your pond water is continually well oxygenated. Flocculants are liquid treatments that are poured into the pond to clear the water. They actually work by clumping particles of debris together, forming larger particles which then either fall to the bottom of still ponds, or are removed by filtration. They clear water best in conjunction with mechanical filtration, and they actually make the pond water clarity look worse for a few hours before it gets better. But a dose of flocculant every now and then can really polish garden pond water and help to make it look gin-clear. Shade the pondThe best mechanical filters are ones which are self-cleaning and can even automatically clean themselves, sending the dirt down the drain on a regular cycle. Remove the waste before it’s broken down, and you’ll have less nitrate and phosphate build-up, and less algae too. Note: You should regularly test your water quality before, during, and after any treatment to ensure water condition remains within safe parameters. Testing water quality can also help you identify any underlying issues which may be causing the reduction in clarity. 1) Activated Carbon & Zeolite Treatments

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