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As well, Peter James has also contributed short stories to multiple anthologies that feature some of the most popular crime thriller authors.

Possession, First Edition - AbeBooks Possession, First Edition - AbeBooks

Each book contains its own crime and there are no series spanning villains, but each book reveals a little bit more about Roy Grace’s life. Therefore, it would be a shame to miss out on learning about Roy Grace the way it was meant to be read. Detective Superintendent Roy Grace is brought on to the case and grows suspicious when the one friend who wasn’t out celebrating refuses to collaborate on the case. All of a sudden, a motive surfaces, and Michael’s near accident may not be so accidental after all. In Looking Good Dead, published in 2006, Tom Bryce finds an apparently lost cd and decides to try to return it to its owner. But when his mission to return the cd leads to him witnessing a ghastly homicide, his family is threatened if he decides to go to the police. Meanwhile, Roy Grace is still haunted by his missing wife. It’s been nearly ten years since she disappeared. He’s pretty good at that, and I actually think that this one was better than Sweet Heart, which he published a couple of years later. Sure, it still has a lot of the clichés that you’d expect from a haunted house story, and there are also echoes of Sweet Heart in that instead of having someone regressing into a past life, someone’s using a medium. There are also a bunch of conversations about Christianity that I didn’t particularly care for, but which I guess tie in with public opinion towards religion in the UK during the late eighties. However, he has written a few more standalones in recent years and these are a great option to determine if you enjoy James’s writing without committing to a full series. My Halloween choice for this year turned out to be a poor one indeed. Peter James, who is bewilderingly compared to writers such as Michael Crichton and Stephen King, seems to have kept his place in mainstream popularity. In fact, I wouldn't say this is entirely undeserved either. He can generally spin a good thriller - nothing amazing, but usually decent. I enjoyed Alchemist and Denial, and even Host would have been higher in my esteem if it just wasn't so tiresomely long. This though, his third novel, was perplexingly bad. Leaving aside the hollow characters, the cliched scares and sloppy structure, the whole thing is just a lazy retread of Blatty's The Exorcist, religious contemplations and all, only without an ounce of that novel's greatness.James became a successful producer of 26 films. The first movie he produced was 1971’s The Corpse Grinders. In addition to Corpse Grinders, Peter James has also produced such movies as Under Milk Wood, Dead of Night, Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things, Spanish Fly, Jericho Mansions, Head in the Clouds, and The Bridge of San Luis Rey. He was the executive producer of 2004’s take on Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. Peter James was born in Brighton in 1948. He spent his childhood summers in France, as his parents owned a place near St. Tropez. Peter James began writing standalone novels while he was still working in television and film. Dead Letter Drop was his debut novel in 1981. Lynette had dumped him harshly. For years he has fantasized about seeing her again. Might that jogger be her, all these years later? Or is it just an incredible coincidence? Soon Marcus is consumed with thoughts of this woman. But when events take a tragic and unexpected turn, his obsession threatens to destroy them both. He continued to write standalone novels after this book, and in 2005 he published Dead Simple. This novel would be the first in his bestselling series that featured Roy Grace, a Brighton-based detective superintendent.

Possession (Audio Download): Peter James, Charlotte Strevens Possession (Audio Download): Peter James, Charlotte Strevens

Fabian Hightower has been killed in a car crash. At least, that is what a policeman is asking Alex, his mother to believe. But Alex knows she saw him that morning - at a time when he must have been dead. In his twenties, he wrote and published two spy thrillers, but they didn’t really sell. He began writing earnestly in the early 1980s, but he had his first major breakthrough with Possession in 1988, followed by Dreamer in 1989. turn to others for support. But there is a secret about Fabian that only she knows - a secret she must never share... This is a spooky wee book, Alex's friend is bizarre to say the least and adds to the spooky feel of the book. The mediums in the book only add to the spooky feel & the more Alexs pursues the more she realises she didn't really know her son at all. Absolute Proof, his standalone novel from 2018 actually began many years ago, in 1989, when an older man, Harry Nixon, called in on the phone and told him that he has been given proof of God’s existence, and Peter James was the person to bring this to light. For his 30-years of research for the story, Peter James not only spoke with religious leaders about proof of God’s existence but he even went as far as living for five days as a monk at theMount Athos monastery in Greece, where women are banned from entering the place.Marcus Valentine seemingly has it all: he’s smart, charming, a successful doctor with a wife, three kids and a job he loves. But something, or rather someone, is missing… Fabian's mother doesn't believe the police when they inform her that he died in a car crash. She keeps seeing him. Desperately she consults a medium who freezes into petrified silence because it's not her imagination. Fabian really wants to return. Possession follows Alex, a mother whose son Fabian has recently died in tragic circumstances, and wants to help her son's spirit move over to the other side, as he seems to be trapped between life and death. From the very beginning, this gave me goose bumps, as the author set the errie scene perfectly for the reader. It is made obvious that things with Fabian are a little "odd," and as the story unfolds, the secrets that he had been keeping from his mother are revealed, even after his death. This book totally freaked me out, meaning I had to stop and start to compose myself more than once, taking what is relatively a short book, a while for me to complete. In particular, the descriptive scenes of the exorcism and senones were especially gruelling. Host was adapted into a made for tv movie by the US Network in 1998. Dr. Joe Messenger, played by Peter Gallagher, gives into the seduction of a terminally ill woman. He later finds that she has uploaded herself into a computer. Now she threatens to destroy his family from beyond the grave. ITV made Prophecy into a feature in 1995. A Ouija Board, an archaeologist, and a widower with his son are all connected.

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