Reebok Men's Boot Boxing Shoe

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Reebok Men's Boot Boxing Shoe

Reebok Men's Boot Boxing Shoe

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The sole is an important part of the boxing shoe, they provide the grip that is needed to keep you on your feet but at the same time provide just enough traction to be able to pivot or move around the ring without slipping.

Boxing Shoes Review – UPDATED 2023 Best Boxing Shoes Review – UPDATED 2023

I have yet to try them personally but they look promising. They seem lightweight and supportive; also marketed as “flexible/adaptive”. Their premium pricing tells me they’re coming after the top-tier brands and want to be compared to the likes of Nike. Unlike many others the Speedex shoes are true to your normal shoe size, meaning you don’t have to worry about buying a size larger or smaller. One of the most important tasks of a boxing shoe is to protect your ankles. As you already know, ankle injuries are common in sports where you’re jumping around, changing angles often, and constantly putting force on your ankles from all directions. Boxing can definitely put force on your ankles and knees depending on your fighting style.

Why Do You Need Boxing Shoes?

Don’t buy a pair if you like to feel light on your feet and not restricted with your foot movements I like Nike boxing shoes because they fit my feet the best (out of all the typical “storebrands”). They are comfortable, high performance, durable, and also very stylish (the most stylish and aggressive aesthetic). Probably the most popular boxing shoe brand in general. Nike boxing shoes are conveniently located in several price ranges, heights, and styles. Because my first pair of boxing shoes (made by Nike) worked out so well, I didn’t get to venture out into other brands anywhere near as much. Yes! Many fighters wear wrestling shoes for boxing. I have heard though, that wrestling shoes can be used for boxing but the reverse is not recommended. I’ve never tried and I imagine it would be ok considering how similar the wrestling shoes are built to boxing shoes. I imagine wrestling shoes probably have more grip on the outside edges than boxing shoes and built to be more durable considering the sport has you scrambling along the ground at all angles. Whereas boxing has you mainly on your feet so boxing shoes might be built more to be lightweight rather than for complete 360-degree durability. Reebok is the latest mainstream sports brand to go into the boxing market (behind Nike/Adidas). The most well-known pros wearing them are Floyd Mayweather and Amir Khan. From what I hear, it’s a great shoe but might be a little narrow and annoying to put on. Their models are made to be a direct competitor to Nike’s HyperKO. You can watch this Reebok vs Nike boxing shoe review video.

Boxing Boots - Geezers Boxing

Well, that’s starting to change. Just like recent trends in boxing glove designs, more and more fighters are turning away from overly-designed mass-produced gear and starting to favor more boutique brands that offer all-leather construction and can be custom-made with different designs, colors, and embroidery. That’s what the pros use after all!

Benefits of Wearing Boxing Shoes

Whether or not a shoe feels comfortable is down to the insoles and how the shoe feels when fully laced up. Furthermore having the right insoles and feeling comfortable in them is essential, as nobody wants to be thinking about their insoles when they should be training. In addition to the ankle ankle support that a good quality pair of boots offers and the fact that they help to improve footwork and increase power transference, owning a good pair of boxing shoes for training is a necessity for safety reasons. Now comes the second-most important feature of boxing shoes, the way the sole (the bottom of the shoe) is built. The way your soles are built greatly impacts your ability to balance, move, pivot, and throw punches. First off, on the inside…the insoles have to be comfortable and allow you to stand balanced. You shouldn’t feel like your axis is off-balance when you stand in your boxing shoes. You also shouldn’t feel like the shoes are forcing your feet to angle slightly towards the outsides or the insides. You’d be surprised by how common this problem is. If the insoles feel weird or make you off-balance already, maybe you can replace them with custom soles…maybe not.

Reebok Boxing Tactical Shoes Mens White/Gold (890QIHLJ)

I’ve noticed those who have Mexican boxing shoes seem to swear by them. I suspect that’s where a big part of the cost comes from. Nike and other big name manufacturers can outsource their production to china where these shoes are probably made by machine and with cheap synthetic materials (fashioned into seemingly high-quality fancy-looking designs). Mexican boxing shoes have to be made by hand in Mexico using raw materials like leather. Great quality, performance, styling, and pricing! I’ve included links for both the original model as well as the newer 2.0 model. This is like the Adidas equivalent of the Nike Speedsweep. It’s basically a low-cost, low-top, good thin lightweight boxing shoe. Be careful: some people complained that the wrestling version is too grippy to pivot.The mid-cut design of these boots serves a dual purpose: enhancing ankle stability and lending a touch of modern style to your gear. The ankle strap takes things a step further by not only promoting a secure fit but also delivering an extra layer of support that’s invaluable in combat sports. Like the adidas Box Hog 2 these boots by Reebok have been around for a while and are still very popular. Designed to keep you moving with speed and confidence a lot of thought has been put in to their construction. To be honest there aren’t that many Reebok boxing shoes that I would recommend with these been an exception. Nike, Reebok, and Adidas will always be the most popular (Nike still way more popular than the other two). If those two brands don’t suit your taste, try going for Rival. If you want to spend lots of money for custom gear, try Grant. Asics and Rival can also be seen sometimes. I think Rival might be more popular depending where you go. Most soles are made from rubber and are a lot thinner than normal trainers. Consequently this leads to you feeling better connected with the ground which also leads to better power transference when throwing a punch.

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