Revenge of the Librarians: Cartoons by Tom Gauld

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Revenge of the Librarians: Cartoons by Tom Gauld

Revenge of the Librarians: Cartoons by Tom Gauld

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It’s summer and Cyn is flush from her victory over the Evil Librarian Mr. Gabriel, who had nearly seduced Cyn’s best friend Annie into becoming his demon-world bride. I have the honour of owning an original drawing of one of the strips featured here, the one about a writer having a great idea… for lunch. It was cool to see it in full-colour here for the first time, I’ve been looking at it for at-least a couple years now. I keep it above my desk because in the mornings having a great idea for lunch is really the only great ideas I can conjure up. If you’ve read any other Gauld comic strips, you know a bit of what to expect. Short witty strips usually about literature (being a professional writer, struggling through the classics, enjoying a book on the beach, fun strips to help you develop plots for your next novel). In this second book, the characters are somehow even more flat (I got really tired of hearing how perfect Ryan is) and there is definitely no deepening of our understanding of the demons. The story hinges on the mechanics of the demon world- the fight for the demon throne, demon possession, a tether- but it's clear that the author doesn't care at all about writing a fantasy novel and really thinking through how these fantasy elements interact with each other and what life for a demon is really like. The plot itself feels rushed, underexplained, and overwhelmingly predictable. Everything I loved about the first is dialed up in Revenge of the Evil Librarian. So much theater love (THEY'RE AT THEATER CAMP), so much romantic tension, so much evil seeping into the real world. I continue to adore how drawn demons are to musical theater. Cynthia continues to be one of my favorite female protagonists, throwing equal weight into her desperation to save her friends and her musing about makeouts and handsome boys. I love that she's an well-rounded character with enough reality to make me really, really relate to her. I'm not half the bad ass Cyn is, but I love reading about her.

Revenge of the Evil Librarian by Michelle Knudsen | Goodreads Revenge of the Evil Librarian by Michelle Knudsen | Goodreads

It was clever, although there were some which I flat out did not get. I appreciated when he took a group of books and changed their titles in a particular direction, such as, classic novels with added positivity: Merriment on the Orient Express; Life in Venice; Twelve Agreeable Men; Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spa; Portnoy's Compliment and Finnegan's Birthday Party. And there was classics reissued with lower standards: The Adequate Mr. Ripley; George's Passable Medicine; Reasonable Expectations; The Mediocre Wizard of Oz and The OK Gatsby. Those were fun. Confront the spectre of failure, the wraith of social media, and other supernatural enemies of the author Is this Revenge of the Librarians the best book ever created? It does have to beat some pretty stiff competition, but I’m still going to say yes! What Is Revenge of the Librarians?no.' 'Ryan please' 'No cyn. im sorry... Your stuff is not the only stuff that matters" "fine, i say quietly which is all i can manage. I turn and walk out." Getting a few high 5s from some of the bunk 6 girls and a few of Ryan friends who are sitting close enough to reach out to me as I go by."

Revenge of the Librarians: (Main) by Tom Gauld | WHSmith

The story is overall as quite a bit of energy and tension to it. It is funny and outspoken and has such vitality to it making it an unbelievable read. Knudsen keeps the pace up and the tension rising, but she does not lose those essential character dynamics, and she does not lose the humor. Everything she has done has made this novel incredible. Ryan and Cyn have been my OTP from the beginning and that didn't change in this book. I defo had a few squealing feel moments but thats expected. Is he a good or bad demon?! Is there even such a thing? Can he read her mind? How does he know she would love to use Jules as demon bait?! Hahaha! The book is full of strips showcasing Gauld at his inventive best. Like clever new German words for readers (“buchverlusterliechgterung” = relief upon finding that you have lost your copy of a book that you weren’t really enjoying), Further Instalments of the Famous Six Word Short Story “For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn”, useful abbreviations like tl;dr - “rb/gb = Read a Bit, Got Bored”, and Summer Reading for Conspiracy Theorists: Slaughterhouse 5G, The Old Man and the CIA. Edit: I really want to note that Cyn never once fretted over her appearance, or made a comment about her own appearance. I think this is really important, because girl rep can just talk about their looks or obsess about how they look. This is extremely important.


I'm going to be honest, I kind of like Cyn more when she's with Peter. In this book especially, she seemed more comfortable and open with Peter than with Ryan. After she was no longer suspicious of course, Overall, this book didn't seem to have the fun, campy atmosphere the first one did. I debated DNFing; however, I was curious about the ending. If there is another book, I doubt I'll be reading it. At first glance, Cyn appears to be an average teen bent on having the best summer of her life. She's a talented set designer, she's going to a camp for theater enthusiasts with her cute boyfriend Ryan, and she has an amazing group of friends. But Cyn isn't a typical teenager, and this isn't going to be an ordinary summer for her. As Cyn faces obstacles, both human and supernatural, she will learn the true meaning of love, friendship and inner strength.

Revenge of the Librarians: Words and Pictures with Tom Gauld

I steal a bite of syrup from waffle from Ryan's plate (thats right Jules, because hes my boyfriend and I can eat off his plate anytime I want)" The stage is set for a fiendishly dramatic summer at theater camp for Cynthia and her boyfriend, Ryan. With no demons at all. Right? Cyn’s narrative and voice are probably the most compelling parts of the novel. She is funny and smart and just thoroughly entertaining and relatable. Her voice and snippets that often break the fourth barrier with expert construction. She is a fun character, a strong character who makes many mistakes believing she is doing what is best for everyone. Cyn does believe she can do this on her own, but she does not want to, and that is part of what makes her a great character. She is a flawed hero, a girl who wants to keep the people she loves safe, who does not want to ask for help on the risk that they are hurt or lost. Moreover, Cyn’s funny quips that Knudsen inserts into the text bring to life her personality only further serve to make her more relatable. Hilarious and smartly written, this sequel did what few sequels can achieve ... and that is to be as good as the first story! To be honest, though, I read the first book a couple of summers ago, but when I read this book I was instantly enthralled all over again. There was some serious character growth, and now that this series is a trilogy, I'm very excited to see how the rest of the series plays out. Especially Cyn and Ryan slash Cyn and Peter.

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I hated Jules so much. Like urhh. She reminds me of the Jules from TVD for some reason - just a pure b**ch. I hated the way she acted like she owned Ryan just because she knew himj longer and rubbed it in Cyns face. Jules and I both jump up to hug him, but without a hesitation he turns to me first, I close my eyes so I don't have to watch the expression on her face at being second in line" As for the comics... they're cute, and the illustrations are reminiscent of a colorful, less crudely done version of "xkcd." Many of them have jokes that book aficionados will love, and anyone who's ever struggled with trying to write a book will identify with. It knows its audience and caters heavily to it, which is in no way a bad thing. Perfect cheer-me-up”, is how a reader describes Revenge of the Librarians, Tom Gauld’s latest collection of comic strips, on an online forum. As a succinct critique of everything he does, it is a description that is hard to fault. It also reflects a statement of purpose he admitted to a few years ago, when he described his aim as “just to entertain people and hopefully take their minds off their worries for a few minutes.”

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