Mike and Ike, Mega Mix Sour - 10 Flavours - 141g

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Mike and Ike, Mega Mix Sour - 10 Flavours - 141g

Mike and Ike, Mega Mix Sour - 10 Flavours - 141g

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Citric acid serves two purposes when used in Mike and Ikes. For one, it’s a natural preservative that lowers the pH of the candy, making it impossible for bacteria to feed on the sugar. One fan took to social media to ask anyone else if they’ve noticed that the assorted sour balls are currently missing from the Parks. They explained that their family was on vacation this past week and couldn’t find the Goofy’s Candy Company assorted sour balls anywhere. Sodium citrate is a common ingredient found in food, candy, and drinks. It’s 100% vegan and acts as a preservative, increasing the shelf life of the candy. 8) Natural & Artificial Flavors

Corn syrup is more concentrated than white sugar and is known for its rich fruity flavor. It pairs well with the fruit flavors that are used in Mike and Ikes. 3) Modified Corn Starch If you’re a wine drinker, then you probably remember the slightly sour taste of red wine. This comes from malic acid. It’s a natural plant-based acid that’s found in sour-tasting fruits and vegetables, including grapes.Now that I’ve got some of the most common questions out of the way, let’s take a few minutes to go over the ingredients used in Mike and Ikes. Although they’re a relatively simple-looking candy, they contain a lot more ingredients than you might expect.

The main reason why food companies used white sugar instead of raw sugar is that it’s more concentrated and doesn’t have the malty flavor that raw sugar has. This, in turn, doesn’t interfere with any other flavors in the candy. Unfortunately, this additive is NOT vegan, as it contains a shiny compound called shellac. Shellac is a substance that’s made from the ground exoskeletons of thousands of “lac” beetles, which are known for being shiny. 11) Carnauba WaxOther than sugar and corn syrup, gelatin is, by far, one of the most common ingredients used in candy. For instance, it’s the main ingredient in marshmallows. It’s also used in other chewy types of candy, such as AirHeads and Lifesavers Gummies. Compared to citric acid and malic acid, fumaric acid is the strongest fruit-derived acid. It’s used to give certain Mike and Ikes flavors a sharp, sour taste. The addition of all of these acids is part of why Mike and Ikes taste like real fruit, even though they don’t contain any real fruit. 7) Sodium Citrate

Mike and Ike is nostalgia for all of us. It may seem hard to avoid this candy during the Halloween season. The confectioner’s glaze they use is made of shellac. It’s not entirely animal-derived. The shellac is extracted from trees where some kind of bugs make their cocoon.But a synthetic version is produced via coal and crude oil. It also can be achieved by bacterial fermentation. So it’s a small additive you can let go of without overthinking. Final thoughts Carnauba wax is a palm-derived wax that’s often added to gummies and other candy. In the case of Mike and Ikes, this wax is used to coat the outside of each candy. This, in turn, prevents the outside air and moisture from getting into the candy and spoiling it. 12) MCTs MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides) are fatty molecules that are found in coconut oil. They’re added to Mike and Ikes to act as a binding agent that keeps the candy held together. 13) Artificial Food Coloring

That being said, raw unrefined sugar is always vegan. This delicious sweetener actually tastes better than white sugar! I apologize if I’m the bearer of bad news. However, I can’t tell you that the little pill-shaped candies are vegan in good conscience, knowing that they contain animal-derived additives. However, I can give you a good explanation as to why they aren’t vegan. These have the same ingredients as the original ones. So it is up to you to decide whether you want it. Mike and Ike Root Beer There’s something about eating pastel-colored gummy candy out of a retro yellow box that makes me feel like a kid again. If ZOURS were a restaurant, it would be that understated neighborhood spot, the one that nobody knows about, but everybody should. But it's where you have an unofficial official table, and the chef turns out solid food every single night.Gelatin is a tasteless powder that’s used as a natural emulsifier in food products. In other words, it helps food and candy maintain their natural shape. It also gives whatever food it’s added a slightly chewy, gel-like texture.

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