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Spanking Aunts

Spanking Aunts

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Now, we have already dealt with your initial disobedience, now we must deal with your constant swearing." So, to business. Your parents are not happy with the way things are. Specifically, they do not think you are behaving in the mature fashion we would expect of a young adult your age.’ I thought for a moment, but in reality I was already under her spell, and being enticed into her world and her way of thinking. I knew ‘petulant’ was an accurate way of describing my behaviour towards them, much of the time. I knew I would frequently choose to be childish and selfish. I knew that I shirked jobs around the house, and didn’t help out as much as I should. The half-beliefs and excuses I had used, convinced myself of, and hidden behind so much recently, were lying in tatters on the floor, and I could see their pathetic futility and smell their stink of faux self-righteousness. I was properly embarrassed by my own immaturity. She took hold of my chin and looked me in the eye. “You’ve got the face of an angel and hands that are a gift from God. Now let’s see if you’ve got a nice little bottom that the Lord made for spanking, shall we? Take your trousers down!” The first point of no return’ she said, almost mischievously. I glanced up at her, expecting to see a twinkle in her eye, but there was nothing.

Clare said again, “Come on Tom! Don’t worry, I won’t tell mummy, but I might if you don’t let me have a look!” There has been the issue of my garage window, and more importantly, the petulant way you responded to the situation.’ Meanwhile, I was realizing that this didn't feel half bad, and was struggling inwardly with the fact that this was a punishment. My mother finished diapering me, then said, "Now you go out to the living room, and tell everyone goodnight."As a teenager I always used to spend about ten days each year with Cousin Clare and her parents. Clare wasn’t actually my cousin, but her mother and my mother were at school together, and it was a convenient way to refer to her. Clare was an only child.

Must be for Shannon," she mused. "Toddler diapers. They're pretty big. Probably even big enough to fit you!" She began to smile now. Grandaddy was dead anyway, long before I was born. Sometimes I wished I knew him. But then Daddy always said he was drunk a lot, and mean often. Maybe it was better not to have met the man. Daddy still loved him though, I could tell.Finally, Aunt Pam asked Doreen to give me three strokes of the cane, while she continued to hold me firmly over her knee. Doreen duly obliged. The cane strokes weren’t too hard, but they did bite. You can't do that!" I was never spanked before. I didn't want to find out what it felt like at all. But, I was sure she was bluffing. My sister was in the room with Aunt Janet. Shannon was displaced to a sleeping bag in the living room. She didn't complain, as this meant she would get to stay up longer. When I went into the Living room, my sister nearly choked at seeing me in the diaper. She giggled as I went from person to person, saying goodnight. We stayed for supper. We stayed for desert. And then my sister and I played with our little Cousin, Shannon. She was Aunt Janet's Granddaughter, really our third cousin. She was also spoiled rotten. Cried if she didn't get her way. She got her way a lot.

If your mother says you have to, then you have to," he cut me off. "You know better than to try and use us against each other." Why haven’t you taken his pants down?” Doreen asked with interest. “Oh my dear, that’s far too vulgar.”“But you used to cane Rory on his bare bottom?”“Ah that’s different – he’s my son, whereas this one is merely in my charge. I’ve no desire to see what he’s got down there! But pants up nice and tight, and we have a perfect view. Now we’ll see who’s boss, young man!” I looked over at to see she was indeed wearing one of the diapers. It was slightly large on her, slightly small on me. Still, it fit.

Going Deep For You!

This very naughty little boy needs his bottom spanked hard and he’s refusing to obey me – can you help me with him, please?” I’m sure Aunt Pam deliberately used humiliating, babyish language. This angered me and I became quite sullen and sulky. Your parents will have told you something of our discussions, and the conclusions we reached. They will have explained to you that in my role as a Deputy Headmistress, I was responsible for the discipline of pupils, and that I have strong beliefs about the most efficient and effective techniques for modifying behaviour.’ She led me into the next room, and had me stand at one end of the dining table, looking down its length.

I was 12 when I was sent to spend part of the summer at my uncle and aunt’s house in rural Queensland, Australia. I was a city boy, born and bred and in Brisbane, and my parents were typical of the 1980s progressive Aussie middle class of the time.Although we did have the cane at my sweet little primary school in Wembley, London, in the 1960s, I managed to avoid it. However, at my senior school I was regularly caned and slippered as we all were, going into the 1970s.

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